Amanda 650lb

650 lb. Cancer Woman Offered Lifetime Membership from Marriage Website

Azad Chaiwala, the founder of (a marriage only relationship service) is offering free lifetime membership to Amanda Johnson, who is fighting cancer but her weight is a major hurdle.

Amanda needs to lose her excessive weight in order to treat her cancer but it’s getting complicated day by day. Weight loss surgery is the only option she is left with at this stage, otherwise, she is not far away from her grave.

Azad Chaiwala says, “I got to know about Amanda yesterday and I feel she is a really brave person. It takes a lot of courage to speak to the media about your situation. And the way she is going, I want to offer he a carrot in the form of Free Lifetime Membership. So when she reaches her ideal weight and has dealt with her cancer scare. I’d like for her to lead a normal and happy life with someone whom she can love and who can love her back.

He goes on to say, All Amanda has to do to avail my offer is to signup and verify her profile. Our support team has been informed and are on the lookout.
Nikki Webber – Before & After

To Motivate and Inspire Amanda further, Azad would like to bring her attention to the story of 660 lb. Nikki Webber, a 34-year-old who spent many years struggling with terrible obesity. But once she got head round to weight loss back in 2017. She now is happily married and enjoys a healthy life at only 190 lbs.

Beyond this Azad wishes Amanda all the luck in the world and hopes to see her soon on

Amanda is currently living with her mother and now to avoid further damage, Medical professionals have advised her to seriously consider getting her weight loss surgery done. Certainly without it, it’s imminent death for Amanda.

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