What Keeps The Relationship Intact When Romance Dies

What Keeps The Relationship Intact When Romance Dies

Romance is considered the essence of a relationship. But, what about those married couples that are in a happy, stable relationship after 25 years?

When there is romance and passion in a relationship, it’s very clear why two people are connected to each other.

What has kept these relationships intact? After the infatuation period goes away, it’s crucial to have a solid basis on which a real relationship can blossom. So, what is that which keeps the relationship going even after there is no romance?



There’s not enough that can be said about compatibility. Even when you look at all types of personal and business relations, compatibility is absolutely the most important feature of all long-lasting relationships.

Just imagine yourself being in a marriage of 30 years with someone you’re compatible with. Could you even imagine leaving the relationship and trying something new, when you’re well aware of how compatible you are with your partner?



On GoMarry.com, we have talked a lot about intimacy. Psychologists, couples therapists, sex therapists, and sociologists firmly believe and have proven numerous times that intimacy is the cornerstone of successful relationships.


We often confuse intimacy with romance or passion. That’s why a lot of people consider it weird that we list it as a post-romance trait of a relationship. However, there are a lot of misunderstandings concerning this concept. Intimacy is about vulnerability and closeness. It’s also possible in many other relationship types, and not just romantic ones.

Intimacy forges the strongest and deepest possible connections between two human beings. If you have intimacy in your relationship, everything else will come quite easy. However, if you don’t have intimacy, you won’t have anything to build your relationship on.



When passion and romance die, what keeps a marriage or a long relationship going is friendship. When you talk to happily married couples, you can often hear them say that their partner is their best friend. This seems like something trivial, but many couples neglect the friendship aspect of their relationship.

For some, it even seems passion-dampening to call your lover a friend. However, your friendship and mutual respect are the engines that will keep your relationship going through the years.



If you’re lucky, you might have a strong support system consisting of your friends and family.  But there’s no better feeling than having a loving and supportive partner who is always willing to accept you. This is one of the traits that simply make marriage and long-term relationships worth it. Even if you lose the romantic connection. You will always know that you’re in the perfect relationship because you could never get that type of support anywhere else.


Being a mature, emotionally healthy adult includes getting rid of false idealizations and romance stories. If you’re looking for a real marriage, you can visit GoMarry.com and find your perfect partner. When you sign up, you can finally find a real relationship that will outlast the feelings of infatuation and romance. If you’re finally ready to start this kind of a journey with another person, go to GoMarry.com today.

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