7 Good Reasons To Get Married

If you’re looking for reasons to get married as opposed to chickening out, then you’ve come to the right place. While we’d be wrong to say that marriage is the correct answer for every relationship, we’re confident that we can highlight some reasons why marriage can be the right choice for you! If you prefer to stay single, then there is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to take the next step and look at marriage, then sit back as we explore 7 good reasons to get married!

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1. Companionship that is Life Long

People forget how socially isolating daily life can be. We go about our routine but it’s hard when we come home at night to nobody. You are left scrambling to make plans when you feel lonely. That is not a way to live your life.

If you feel like you need a friend, then you should consider having a partner. That person is invested in your emotionally and physically. You will feel an added sense of relief when you are able to know that even after a long day out in the world, you can come home to your own private little world. That can mean everything to some people and it is a good reason to get married.

2. You’ll be Healthier

There is much to be said about a home cooked meal. If there are two of you, chances are one of you will have the energy to make a fresh meal. And that will help with your waistline as we know that fast food can just make you fat. In fact, studies have shown that your body digest fast food differently and it is three times more likely to make you gain weight. Consider that you might be eating all three meals in one when you dine fast food style.

When you eat at home, you’ll be less likely to binge on all the snacks that quite frankly, just make people fat. You also have someone who you can go for walks with and go to the gym with. If you are the type of person who can’t do something without a little motivation, consider the difference having a partner to help you do activities with will make in your mobility and fit bit status.

3. Better Finances

Many countries give tax breaks to married people. That’s not a reason to get married, but it is an advantage to tying the knot. You’ll be potentially making dual incomes when you get married. Your accommodations are likely to be nicer and you may be more prone to qualify for a mortgage this way. In fact, getting married can even improve your credit rating. There are two people that are rooting for the same cause now – a better quality of life. You will get more work done improving your life because both of you are now working towards it.

4. Vacation Buddy

Do you ever wish that your friends could have time off when you do? Now you’ll have a person who will be booking the same holiday time as you every year.

You can go to the resorts in Mexico and have a partner to dance with at the clubs. Or you can take a trip to Italy together and not worry about the dangers of travelling solo. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your down time. You might even choose to have a home vacation and do some much needed renovations at the time.

5. Chance to Start a Stable Family

A lot of people have always dreamed of having children. When you are married, this is a stable foundation for planning towards this dream. You will not have to worry if the future of your children is precarious. There will always be some support even if the marriage doesn’t work out. The likelihood of having two parents in the mix is much improved if both were willing to commit to the marriage in the first place.

You do not have to worry about if the person you’re with wants kids. The women and men you meet on GoMarry.com often want big families. You have probably discussed whether you both want children at that point and have some sort of system in place. You can plan the timing a lot better and will be in a better situation to accommodate any surprises you have along the way.

6. Your Parents will Stop Hassling You

This may seem like a silly reason to get married, but for some people, it is very relieving. Parents just want the best for their children but they can be intrusive at times as well. They ask questions about when you’re going to settle down. They might even try to fix you up with dates. Those dates, if you go, might be super awkward. Unless it’s a Bridget Jones situation, you or your date might resent the pressure to like a pre-arranged person. Even Bridget Jones had a few, if not a whole lot, of bumps in her situation even though her parents chose a suitable match as it turned out.

You will be more likely to feel rested with your life when your family stops making an issue of it. Your life will feel that much more peaceful, and you can get on with your future plans.

7. No More Bad Dates

Speaking of dating- wasn’t that just a wonderful time in your life? You probably will look back and be glad you didn’t have to go through the gamut of choosing the one again. You might miss the butterflies (or at least some people say they do), but what about all those bad dates? You could find out that your date doesn’t ever want to get married or that they have a drinking problem. Your date doesn’t have any money to pay for anything and asks you to borrow rent money. Or your date reveals to you that every person before you was insane, and then goes on to prove that in fact, your date was the problem in those matches. Or you find out that your date has an extensive criminal record and still leads a life of crime. These horror stories will be a thing of the past once you are hitched to the right person.

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