10 Dating Mistakes To Avoid!

Successfully navigating the dating scene can be a lot of hard work full of hits and misses. We’ve gave you advice to find “8 Great Ideas For Extraordinary Dates” and “8 Ways To Avoid Awkward Silences On A Date”, but now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty on what you should DEFINITELY avoid doing!

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We’ve listed these 10 dating mistakes because a lot of people have fallen into their trap. If you’re hoping to get a second date, be smart and don’t follow in their footsteps!

1. DO NOT insult online dating

It may not be your cup of tea, but don’t go into your date all guns blazing hate towards online dating or those that do so. How do you know if your date used to be one of those “weirdos” who have used it in the past? Keep going that way with the insults and you’ll not have much success anywhere! Over 13 million people in the UK and 86 million in the US alone us online dating services, so good luck explaining that away.

Relationships can be found online in hundreds of different places for people at all stages of commitment. If you keep insulting the notion of it, your date, who may be ready for marriage, could finish your date and sign up to GoMarry.com, knowing that they’ll find people looking for the same commitment as they are.

Come to think of it…if you’re on a date you shouldn’t be insulting anybody! Don’t show that side of yourself, it’s not nice!

2. DO NOT eat sloppily

It’s not funny and it’s not clever. If you can’t trust yourself to get that spaghetti from bowl to lips without smearing yourself in sauce, order something else! The same goes for greasy pizza, hand-crushed lobster or terrible chopstick ability. Trust me when I say this; your date wants to see rice in your beard about as much as they want stray peas flying past their face from your plate.

If you’re out having food on a date, be sensible, not sloppy. Don’t go out of your way to order something that you have to pick at with your hands. If you’re being conservative and ordering something saucy like pasta or curry, still make sure to act like an adult! Napkins are there for a reason!

If you can’t help but eat like an animal and make a spectacle out of yourself, maybe you need to watch more than just this video!

3. DO NOT Instagram everything

We know it’s the 21st century, but for goodness sake, put the phone away! It’s likely that your date has social profiles on things like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to whip out your phone to take pictures of your food for all the likes on Instagram!

“Gramming” your food and drinks can make you look really pretentious, and definitely don’t take pictures of your date. Not the time or the place. The only socializing you should be doing on a date is with the person in front of you. How would you feel if your date started writing a Facebook status while you were mid-conversation?

Phones down!

4. DO NOT overshare

Your date is going well and you feel like you both have a connection. Conversation is flowing freely and joking along, right until you shout up and say that you’ve always dreamed your future children would have the same eyes as your date. STOP. RIGHT. THERE. The date, especially in the early stages of a relationship, is not the place to suddenly decide to overshare.

Dates are for finding out what you like about a person or what you have in common, not how many cats you’re going to adopt when you both move in together. Sometimes it can be humorous, but if you’re coming across as planning for the future with them, it’s an immediate turn off.

Keep conversation light and fun, and if you think you’re talking too much and on the verge of oversharing, ask questions to get your date talking instead of declaring your undying love!

5. DO NOT play the sympathy card

After a rough breakup, things usually tend to go one of two ways; the rebound date or playing the sympathy card…which is terrible for everyone involved. While one end of the spectrum has the rebound date, meant to get it out of your system and jump back into the dating pool head first. The other is playing the sympathy card when you’re out with somebody…if your thinking of doing that, you probably aren’t ready to be dating again just yet.

Emotional baggage isn’t just limited to an emotional breakup, you could just be going through a lot of personal things, in which case you need to hold off on dating. Spend some time working on yourself to resolve any issues; talk to a friend or family member to help get you back to feeling like yourself.

It’s not fair on your date to be saddled with previous issues you may have, neither is it attractive.

6. DO NOT friend zone immediately

Conversation is stalling, you’ve used our video “8 Ways To Avoid Awkward Silences On A Date” and exhausted all opportunities to keep things moving, but you just don’t have a connection. The romantic chemistry just isn’t there and you don’t know what to do…at least do not put them in the friend zone! just wait, take it easy.

We don’t want you to stay in a situation you don’t like, and if you feel uncomfortable or uneasy around this person then let them know immediately and get out of there. If you’re just not feeling it though, don’t immediately throw down the friend zone card right then and there. Remember there are two sides to this and your date may not feel the same way as you, so to have their hopes crushed then and there doesn’t leave a nice taste.

If it’s just not going to work out, let them know at the end of the date, or send a message to let them know how you feel. Just think what it would be like if you were in that situation, and act from there.

7. DO NOT moan about life

“Oh man do I need this drink, today was such a mess at work…” This is not how a date wants their conversation to begin! We all have our own things going on in life, but a date is not the place to unload all of your stresses…that’s what close friends are for! If you’re finding out about somebody, you want to know the fun and interesting things, not how much you hate Sandra for not refilling the coffee jar, or Michael from accounts for bugging you all day over email.

If you’re further along in a relationship then you can share some of these things with each other and help out, but if you’re still looking to find someone and impress them, try and stay positive. If the date is going well, you’ll find that your mood reflects onto them and vice versa. If you’re in a stinking mood and being negative, it will bring your date down and your chances of a second meeting will start to look a lot more slim!

Stay positive. If the date goes well, things could start to look up!

8. DO NOT get drunk

Just don’t. This shouldn’t need explaining. We don’t care how nervous you are, doing shots to loosen up is a train barrelling down the tracks towards disaster. Go and search now for “drunk date” and count how many stories end well!

Alcohol affects people in different ways, but if you’re looking to make a good impression on your date then it’s best to steer clear just in case. Navigate through the nervousness with a clear head and all your attention will be on the date in front of you.

You wouldn’t want to be stuck keeping a drunk date upright…so make sure you’re not that drunk date for anyone else!

9. DO NOT talk about money

Unless you’re sharing a 14-course meal at the castle you own, in celebration of the multi-billion business deal your date just made, don’t talk about money! It never reflects well if you start talking money, or earnings, early on in the dating landscape. You’ll either end up complaining that you don’t have a lot of it, brining the mood down, or talking yourself up as the next Bill Gates, which makes you look self-involved and egotistical.

If you’re meeting up with somebody because you like them and think you have a connection, then money shouldn’t be an issue anyway. Sure, you’ll broach the subject if the relationship blossoms and thing start to get more serious, but while you’re still enjoying some date time, leave it at home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Richie Rich or not, time spent talking about other things with a date is priceless.

10. DO NOT use discount coupons

Be comfortable with your money situation and don’t talk about it…but then don’t whip out that 20% off voucher when it’s time to pay the bill! If you’re looking for a cut price meal, then you’re date is probably going to feel shorted too! You’ve got a coupon, great, save it for another time. A date should be made to feel like they’re worth it, and cutting corners will not reflect well on you at all.

If your relationship has progressed and moved along then sure, it’s acceptable to use them then. Remember that your first impression isn’t just as you first meet up, it’s throughout the entire date! Don’t get through all the hard work and fail to stick the landing!

Pay full price, it’ll be worth it in the long run!

There are plenty of things that you can do wrong on a date, but hopefully highlighting some of them will help you stay away from embarrassing your date and yourself. If you have any dating mistakes to share, post them in the comments below!

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