7 Ways To Know If She’s A Keeper

Congratulations, you’ve met someone and she seems great. You get along like old friends and you’ve got great chemistry, but you’re still not 100% sure if she’s the right person for you. We’ve got 7 ways for you to work out if she is indeed a keeper or not!

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Push your smitten feelings aside and objectively ask yourself these questions about your partner and relationship. Each one by itself isn’t a deal breaker, but if you find that you’re coming out with the wrong answer on a few of these, you may need to think some things through!

Does She Always Agree with You?

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re right all the time, you can’t seriously settle down with someone who just agrees with you constantly about everything! You don’t want a fight with every conversation or topic, but if she doesn’t have an opinion of her own then you’re missing something in the relationship.

If you can have discussions, or even heated arguments, it gives the relationship that extra spark that you wouldn’t get with constant agreement. Always being at opposite ends of the spectrum will kill a relationship, but a devil’s advocate every now and then will keep you both on your toes!

Are You the Center of Her World?

As nice as it could be to be waited on hand and foot, the constant attention can get old really quickly. Just imagine that you’re sitting down to watch the game and your phone is constantly ringing off the hook…can you handle that every time?

For a long term relationship to work, you both need to be able to have your own time to do your own things. If she has at least one hobby or passion then it means she knows how to still have fun without having to be with you 24/7. It also helps is she regularly meets up with her friends, as it means that you can organise time with yours without fear of an argument!

Does She Ever Surprise You?

Has she ever done something out of the blue, just because? Forget the 100 roses or custom-printed pillows with both your faces on, we’re talking about the little things. She could have noticed you’re out of razors so she buys some when she’s out. Maybe she remembered you had an important meeting at work so she’s cooked a meal for you getting home?

Doing these little things, without being prompted or asked outright, means that she’s putting in the thought and genuinely cares about you, not just moving day to day in the same old routine.

Has She Paid for Some Dates?

We’ve talked about chivalry and offering to pay for dates in previous videos, like “7 Dating Tips for Men from Women”, but we don’t want to have to do it all the time. We all know at least one lady who brags about never having to buy a drink in her life, and it’s not a good look.

It may sound like a stereotypical line from a rom-com, but it’s good if she treats you sometimes. We’re not talking about a “Pretty Woman” style shopping spree, but offering to grab lunch or drinks every now and then shows that she’s thinking about the relationship being equal. When you get to “for richer or poorer” you know she means it!

Are Your Zodiac Signs Compatible?

Trick question! Are you kidding me? If this is something that will have an impact for either of you, then you need to examine what you’re looking for in a relationship! Next!

Do You Think She’s Smarter?

It’s always good in a relationship if you think that your partner may be a bit smarter than you are. There’s no shame in that and it’s great if you can acknowledge it, and not get hung up on it. Life is always a bit richer being with someone who can teach you a thing or two.

We’re not saying that you need to be with someone who’s smarter than you, but if you have a dynamic where you think you’re intellectually superior to your partner, it doesn’t take much to turn nasty. If you know that you’ll always be able to hear new things from her then you’re on the right track.

Does She Get On With Your Friends?

As we’ve said, it’s imperative that you can spend time apart from each other with your own group of friends, but if they come together, does she get on with them? You shouldn’t expect her to sit and talk about sports for hours on end, but if she can’t get along with them, or has an active distaste for them, then you may have a problem.

It’s a more subtle issue, but you should never be put in a position where you have to choose between your partner or your friends. In most cases, the people that you call friends tend to be an extension of you and your personality, so a rift with your mates means that there’s a part of you that she’s not down with.

In an ideal world you’ll get exactly the answers you want out of those questions. They’re the little things that, over time, can become massive issues, so it’s always best to try and work out early if it’s what you want. If it’s not, but you’re ready and looking for that perfect wife material now, we’ve got the right answers for you over at GoMarry.com!

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