What Types of Women Should be Avoided

Marriage or other similar intimate relationships could make or break a man. There are certain types of women a man should avoid by all means. Any man who wishes to have a relationship that could add value to his life should have in mind what attributes a woman of his dreams should possess.


In the first place, every serious man should look out and avoid the woman who is always seeking pleasure. Pleasure seeking women want entertainment – going out to the cinema, yacht club, eating her favorite meals or snacks in choice restaurants, etc. Therefore, by all means, avoid the club girl.


Secondly, avoid a woman who is simply unpredictable – the weird or strange sort of a  woman. This one does not seem to know what she wants. She does not even know what she wants? Some times she seems all set become a  writer and the very next moment we find her advocating fashion modeling.   Since she does not remain constant, one can not just rely on her words. She may not be unfaithful but her eagerness to adopt change every now and then makes her unfit for some long term relationship.


Over possessive women should also be avoided, these types of women always hanker after to possess your soul and body. they don’t seem willing to give you free space where you can exercise your free will.  She does not even give you space to think about other things apart from her. The moment you realize that your girl is carrying the same traits, save your life from such a dictator and run away.


It will also be wiser of you if you try to avoid the loud-talking woman. She talks and talks, always wanting you to pay attention to what she is saying, whether meaningful or not. This woman could also be a nagger, a pain in the neck. Sometimes, she squabbles and does not tolerate your mistakes. She wants to talk about everything she feels about and does not spare your state of mind.


Moreover, avoid the too intrusive woman. She wants to know everything about you in one day or one week. She is a detective woman. She is anxious to know about your past life and affairs with other women. Also, she wants to know how much you have in your bank account, your assets, and liabilities, etc. If she does not seek to add value to these issues, run!


Another type of woman, a man should avoid is “Mummy”. She is domineering and wants to tell you how to wear your hair, make your bed and wash your face. This woman wants to teach you how to brush your teeth with an air of superiority that tells you she wants to pocket you.  You are sick of these types of women? come and join gomarry.com  a  to find the girl to share a precious life with.


Finally, avoid the woman who wants to talk about your friends or other people. She wants to talk about how good or bad they are, how successful they are, how proud or rich they are. She does not talk about any other thing, but about people.


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