A Woman’s Advice: Three Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special

A Woman’s Advice: Three Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special

So you’ve met your perfect match on GoMarry.com and now you want to kick things up a notch and show you’re lone & make her feel special


It’s a well-known fact that women love attention. They want to feel desired and being wanted is any woman’s number one fantasy.

There are so many ways to show your wife how you feel, and let her know she is cherished. Here are three of the best ones:


  1. Thoughtfulness

The best way to show your wife that you care and think she’s amazing is through the small things.

The first requirement for your wife to feel truly valued is that you listen to her. Take an interest in what she says and consider her needs and desires as you go about your day.

Heading to the shops? Call and ask her if she needs anything.

Diarize her birthday and your anniversary and make an effort to produce a gesture on those days.

If another attractive woman starts chatting to you in front of your wife, act as dismissive as is politely possible. Ignore her completely if she is not related to work or part of your social circle.

This will send a clear message to your wife of where your loyalties lie. Without this step, the next two are meaningless.


  1. Verbal Affirmation

Tell her that she is beautiful and sexy as often as you can and make her feel special.

You really can’t overdo the compliments here. The best time to express this is during lovemaking – you will see the difference in her enjoyment for yourself.

Words are free and when said with meaning can brighten up the worst of days.

When your wife does something that you appreciate, remember to thank her and reward her with your praise.

Tell her that you love her, that she is precious to you and express anything that you admire about her.

An extremely powerful way to show her how you feel is to praise her in front of your friends or family. Praise her in such a way that you express your pride by boasting about who she is and what she does.


  1. Physical Touch

Making love and being affectionate are important aspects of any intimate relationship which serves to strengthen the bond between lovers.

Let your wife know that you can’t get enough of her by making moves on her frequently.

You want her to feel strongly that she is irresistible to you, so don’t hold back unless she has requested you to do so.

If this is the case, perhaps she needs a few cuddles or for you to just stroke her hair, massage her feet and be close to her.

Another way that you can make her feel valued, is to hold her hand when you are in public or put your arm around her.

Find subtle ways to show the people around you that she is yours, and she will feel protected and loved.


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