Insecure Wife and Marriage

Marriage is the cherry on top of all human life: from our friendships and personal relationships to career and hobbies, marriage is our little haven where we get to start our own family.


Choosing a partner for marriage is, therefore, extremely sensitive. Don’t put pressure on yourself by overanalyzing the compatibility between you and your partner. Rather, simply observe your dynamics over a longer period of time and you’ll know for sure if your partner is “the one“.


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When it comes to marriage, some character types are certainly more prone to marriage than others. For example, traditionally feminine women and masculine men may find it much easier to find a marriage partner than people who are far away from their gender on this spectrum.


Another type of personality trait that complicates marital relationships is insecurity.


What is insecurity?

Insecurity is the feeling like you’re not as good as others. Insecure people feel like they’re the worst, that they have no skills or capabilities and that no one likes them. In truth, the real situation is most often far away from this. Insecure people are sometimes very popular and loved, but they simply can’t wrap their heads around it, so they simply don’t see it.


Insecurity in Relationships

Just like in other areas of personal life, insecurity can be very detrimental to romantic relationships. Most often, insecure people behave irrationally and show jealousy in relationships. There’s even a theory that jealousy is caused specifically by the person’s insecurity.


An insecure person in a relationship might be prone to asking their partner why they’re still with them, not believing their partner loves them and thinking that the relationship is doomed.


Insecurity in Marriage

Just like in relationships before marriage, insecurity puts a heavy strain on marriages as well. It might sound odd, but insecure people genuinely think that the person who married them – doesn’t like them. Or, they could think that their husband is about to leave them, when in fact, everything’s going great. Or, they might suspect that their husband is cheating on them because they’re not “good enough“.


Either way, insecurity is definitely an issue that needs to be handled within a marriage. So, how can you do that?

Firstly, you’ll have to be very, very patient. Your insecure wife will be absolutely tenacious about her self-hate beliefs, so you need to take it slow and go one day at a time.


Also, don’t be offended by your wife being insecure. She was insecure before she met you and she’ll probably continue to be if she doesn’t work on it. The point is, insecurity is a deeply-rooted psychological issue, and it cannot be solved overnight. Luckily, you’ll be married for the rest of your life, so you two have plenty of time to work on it.

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