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Hey! I know you’re looking for absolutely free dating websites but I want to tell you about the world’s first ever ‘Marriage Only Relationship’ website.

I personally don’t like dating, I don’t like the process and I don’t like the end result. I think dating has now become the human equivalent of the mating dance. You’re there just trying to woo each other, you never get to ask all the serious questions and the majority of the relationships just leave you as an empty shell of your former self. Too much emotional baggage, you sleep around with too many people, and nothing more than that. I mean some people like that but there’s a lot of decent people in the world. And for them, there is GoMarry.com – the world’s first-ever ‘Marriage Only Relationship’ website.

GoMarry.com takes away the burden and the guesswork of not knowing if the other person wants to commit to something long-term, something meaningful or not. The best thing about GoMarry.com is that everybody on the website is looking for a long-term relationship. They want to settle down, they want to get married, and they want to start families of their own. If that is something that interests you then you need to be on GoMarry.com.

And if you remember I said, I don’t like dating, for that very reason, I have created something far better than dating and I call it ‘Marriage Meetings‘.

So, regardless of whether you choose GoMarry.com or you decide to go on one of the dating websites, when it comes to the actual dating part, do not go on dates. Go on ‘Marriage Meetings’, like I said, dating is all about you dolling up, you’re trying to woo each other, you’re trying to impress the other person, and you waste too much time without asking all the most important, most meaningful questions. Whereas ‘Marriage Meetings’ are basically a question asking and answering session. You both know exactly what you’re getting into and instead of there being two of you, there’re four people. An extra representative, an extra chaperone comes along with you. This could be a wise friend, your boss, your senior colleague, your favourite aunt, uncle. Just somebody to look after your interests, just somebody to ensure that you stay true to yourself, and just somebody to make sure that you have that courage, that strength to ask all the tough questions, just somebody that gives you that strength, that courage to ask all the tough questions that you value.

Now that’s said, if you are short on questions, I’ve written a book ‘101 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Getting Married‘. Free DOWNLOAD. It took me over two years to write and it’s full of a hundred plus of the most practical, most meaningful, normally tough to ask questions during regular dating. And these could be about ‘credit history’, these could be about maybe, ‘How many children you want?’, ‘Dou want to have children?’, ‘Do you have any children already?”, ‘Can you have children?”, ‘Hereditary diseases’, ‘Past relationships’, ‘How should I interact with past partners?’ etc.

What I want you to do is go through this list, pick whatever question has the most meaning to you and take it into this meeting. And what you’ll find is within a few days, without having emotionally invested yourself into a relationship, you come out fully informed about the other person.

And then you can decide whether he/she is the right person for you or not, whether this thing should carry on or not. And then if you have enough information and you decide that he/she is not compatible with you, you’re left with no emotional baggage which doesn’t happen in regular dating.

That’s it; I would love to hear about what you think about GoMarry.com – the first ever ‘Marriage Only Relationship’ website compared to dating websites, I’d love to hear what you think about ‘Marriage Meetings’.

Do tell me in the comments and regardless of what path you take, whatever choice you make, whatever decision you take, whichever route you want to go down, maybe you want to do dating, maybe you want ‘Marriage Meetings’, or GoMarry.com, I wish you all the best in the world.

Take Care!

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