Alpha Female

Alpha Female: Unique Qualities To Look For

An alpha female is highly motivated, confident, super bright and highly educated. She has also embraced her leadership qualities and is natural in leadership roles. With such a successful woman, why is it so difficult for an alpha female to find a mate? Especially when it comes to dating, alpha females are often victims of archaic dating ideas. Alpha females don’t want to date “down”; they want a partner that matches their personalities and successes. The word ‘bitch’ is often thrown around when it comes to alpha females because they are opinionated, driven, and independent. This, of course, is an unfair categorization, particularly because men who possess these qualities are very much desired. Dating is not at all hopeless, but societal “norms” do need to change. Let’s take a look at why dating is so difficult for the strong woman.


First, it’s important to recognize the characteristic of an alpha female. Women who display these qualities are more than likely to self identify as an alpha female.



  • Highly ambitious
  • Unwavering confidence
  • Commands Respect
  • Natural Leader



            They don’t need a man, they want a man

Strong, and independent-minded women don’t need the emotional or financial support of a husband. They are looking for a partner that can match them and meet them halfway. This can scare off many men because their masculinity can feel challenged. If a man is secure in himself, he won’t scare off easily.


            They are genuinely busy

Alpha females are driven in life and career, and they’ve devoted a great deal of time to the things they love and excel at. This could mean that they are in a leadership role at work, or they are training for their 7th marathon – either way, their time is limited and this could frustrate potential mates.


            They speak their mind

Women who are unafraid to speak their minds are often called out for being “difficult” and it can offend a man’s sense of self. She’s not shy to tell a man that she doesn’t like a certain behavior or attitude, and she certainly doesn’t shy away from telling him what she expects from him. Should a woman stop speaking her mind in fear of others? Definitely not, but this is why it may take longer to find a suitable partner.


            No longer the damsel in distress

No, the alpha female does not need saving. She’s not waiting for prince charming, and she doesn’t even have time to spend on clichéd romance ideas. It’s important that she does not comprise her core principles for the sake of a relationship.


            She’s looking to form the ultimate power couple

Alpha females don’t have time to take care of someone else. She has goals she wants to meet, and she isn’t about to wait around for her partner to find himself, floundering about. She’s not cold or uncaring, but she realizes that life is too short to settle for someone that doesn’t hold the same values.

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