Signs of an Insecure Man

We have all come across a partner who ticks all the right boxes but their insecurities cause too many issues in the relationship but what are the tell-tale signs he’s insecure? I have created some top tips for the signs of an insecure man.

HeTells Lies Too Easily

A big sign somebody isn’t comfortable within themselves is if you catch them overexaggerating stories or telling white lies that they believe make them seem more interesting, attractive or even funny. Most of the men I have come across like to brag, especially in front of their friends and to a certain degree, a little showing off is healthy. But when it is often, that’s usually a clear sign your chap isn’t very happy just being themselves.

He Needs To Feel In Control

Often men who are insecure in a relationship will turn to try to control situations and maybe even their partner’s behavior to give themselves a sense of control and power – If you find yourself in a situation where your man doesn’t want you to hang out with your friends or questions you about who you are texting, don’t put up a defence straight away, stop and think! If your man is sensitive about you spending time with your friends, maybe he’s worried about what they think of him? Don’t assume the worst, why not invite him along to meet your friends? And if he asks who you are texting, just tell him. Open communication is key in all of this. For more info on insecurities, a man might face in a relationship see This article on Husbands who have Smarter Wives

The Dreaded Alpha Male

We’ve all heard him in the pub on a Friday night laughing and spilling beer, we’ve all been ogled by him when we pop to the toilet, we’ve all been wolf-whistled at by him in the street, we’ve all found one extremely sexy when we know we shouldn’t – The Alpha Male. He is loud, often comes across as obnoxious and rude, and he loves to be the center of attention. He is basically a giant baby who needs constant reassurance that he is interesting and funny. He usually talks about women like they are objects because he thinks that makes him big and clever in front of his mates, but he is usually the biggest softy when he falls in love. Don’t judge this loud and brash book by its cover, he just needs some reassurance that being himself is okay and he doesn’t always have to be “on” for an audience. He’ll settle down when he gets tired and on the plus side, he’s a great laugh.

He Is Always On the Defensive

Ever been with a bloke who takes everything as criticism and jumps straight on the defense? No? You probably still have all your hair. This bunch is frustrating as hell to be in a relationship with, but they really mean no harm at all. They will take any kind of challenge or suggestion they may have been wrong as a criticism because their self-confidence can’t take too many knocks before self-doubt kicks in. These loveable idiots need patience and kindness; they are not doing anything wrong except thinking in any way they could be inadequate. We all feel like that from time to time, but if your man is always defensive then feeling inadequate is probably his default.

He Is Always Asking For Reassurance

We all ask for reassurance in a relationship; those days where self-doubt is at a nagging high and we just need some tender love and care from our partner. Well, those days are most days for someone who feels insecure. Check out this link on jealousy in a relationship Really, if you aren’t willing to reassure someone that you care about them and that they are important to you then leave. You are not compatible, or you do not love them enough. See Making your Relationship work Vs Ending it Altogether for guidance on this.

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