Ambivalent relationship

Ambivalent Relationship : Uncertainty Of Feelings


Is this relationship worth fighting for? Can we get over the issues and move on? Do I need to break off the connection? Can the relationship be changed for the better? Why am I even in this relationship? These questions may be tumbling through your mind when you think about your current relationship. A sea of insecurity seems to be flooding over your relationship and you need to get rid of the ambivalence. You need to decide what you want out of the relationship and how to move forward.


Defining Ambivalence

Ambivalence in its essence relates to uncertainty. In an ambivalent relationship, you are uncertain of your feelings for your partner and where you stand in your relationship. You may feel that you are only staying in the relationship because you have been together for a long time, or because you are afraid of your future if you were to break it off.  Ambivalent relationships are filled with questions, which you can’t always answer. It is a challenging situation that you need to clear up for your own sanity.


Symptoms of an Ambivalent Relationship

An ambivalent relationship can affect you in physical and mental ways. It can become an exhausting mental conversation. Unexpressed emotions and stress can lead to many symptoms. Sleep disruptions are one of the most common symptoms in an ambivalent relationship. You may experience insomnia with thoughts tumbling through your mind, or you might be sleeping lots but still feel tired when you wake up. Feeling restless when you go to bed and teeth grinding are clear indications that something is weighing heavily on your mind.

Facing your partner may make you anxious. You may get hives or skin irritations. Rapid heartbeat and knots in your stomach from nervousness is not a good thing. It can even cause indigestion, nausea and strange food cravings. Your body and “gut feeling” can tell you a lot about your relationship. Listen to your body to help you make the difficult relationship decisions.


Overcoming Relationship Ambivalence

You need to decide the direction in which to steer your relationship: you are either for or against continuing as a couple. The articles at provides a lot of information to help you with your decision and to boost your relationship. If you feel stressed out about a relationship and do not want to see the person then it might be time to break off the relationship. Spending time apart from each other and not missing the person is a clear indicator that the relationship has reached its end. Be honest with your partner about the situation and move on.


If you feel your relationship is worth your life then you need to make plans to rectify the situation. Discuss any relationship issues with your partner and find ways of overcoming them together. Be happy with the decision you make and put all your effort into the future of your relationship. Work on your own problems and ask your partner to assist you in getting over any concerns in your personal life.


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