Anxiety : How to Explain It to Someone You Love

Anxiety : How to Explain It to Someone You Love

Anxiety is one of the mental health epidemics of our age. Due to our stressful and fast-paced lifestyles, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with problems and obligations, leading to anxiety disorders


Stress is an unavoidable part of living, so it’s important to manage it in a healthy and productive way. For example, instead of relying on alcohol or cigarettes, it’s much better to manage your stress with exercise. Handling stress is also an important part of maintaining happy and healthy relationships.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, it’s possible that you feel misunderstood or weird. It can be quite hard to approach someone and explain to them how you feel. Anxiety is highly connected to feelings of shame and insecurity. So going forward and talking about your disorder might be an anxious person’s idea of hell.

When we start to date someone new, we usually hide all our flaws and our anxiety along with them. In order to achieve a stable and happy marriage like on, you must be able to share your issues with your partner.

So, when you’re in a new relationship, how can you help your partner understand your anxiety?

  1. Don’t Be Ashamed

Feeling ashamed of talking about your anxiety might deepen the feelings of nervousness and insecurity. The more you are ashamed of your anxious feelings, the more power you give them over your life and relationships.

When you approach your partner with a conversation about your anxiety, forget about shame. You’re doing this in order to let someone get close and love you.

  1. Don’t Judge or Criticize Yourself

Anxious people have a tendency to perceive themselves as weak, incapable, stressed out, too emotional… This is further perpetuated by society’s reaction to fear, nervousness and isolation. When you finally approach your new partner with an explanation of your anxious thoughts, behaviors, and actions. It is apt that you cut the self-criticism as it will be the only thing that will actually present you as helpless.

  1. Point Out That You Would Really Like to Be in a Relationship

Anxiety is one of the biggest sabotages of a new relationship. You can often hear from anxious people’s partner that they feel like the person is running away from the relationship or don’t want to be in one at all. Explain to your partner that you love them and always reassure them about this. Even though you’re the anxious one, people might feel neglected or unloved when you treat them coldly and from a distance. Tell your partner that you would really like to be in a relationship with them, but also be very open and clear about your anxiety.

  1. Ask For What You Want and Need

If you want your relationship to work while you’re suffering from anxiety, you have to let your partner know exactly what you want. Usually, people have no problem with dating someone with anxiety, but they also don’t know how to help, so they feel bad. If you want the dynamics of the relationship to remain intact, express exactly what you need.

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