Insensitive Woman

What You Need to Know about Insensitive Woman

I am ready to admit that I’m a highly insensitive woman on the outside. On the inside I’m vulnerable, I have low self-esteem and my heart seems as if it will remain wary for the rest of my life


Today I am a fragile and insensitive woman because the consequences of bad relationships and dating have made me so.

It’s easier for me to behave this way as if no one can approach me than to be an easy girl.

So, no wonder men are „afraid“ of insensitive women. That being said, it’s really a time for which came first: the chicken or the egg causality dilemma.

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Have they scared me first or did I do that by the way I behaved?

Well, every time I was open, honest, sincere…add the synonym you like most….they somehow left me, for one reason or another.

First, they all say that they hate lies, as we all do, and then when you decide to be truthful and reliable, they are gone.

However, the same behavior can be applied to women, but in this article, I want to help men understand us better. And, of course, this doesn’t have to be a universal truth, it’s only my experience.

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Don’t remain sensitive

Recently the guy dumped me for a very lame reason- I just was not interested enough in his only about job talking. He postponed our first date twice due to his business arrangements. So, what should I do? Be sensitive in such situations?!

This happened to me at least 10 times in my life and now I have no intention to even date a guy whose first and foremost priority is his job!

More than 80% of insensitive women went through the same or similar bad experiences. To approach them you must be patient.

Believe me, she would hug you and hold your hand more than anything else in the world, but she is afraid.

Why should she believe you? It doesn’t write on your forehead that you are a near perfect guy?

On the other hand, women don’t like overly emotional and sensitive guys, at least, not on a first date. So, it’s not easy at all to find a balance between these extremes.


Only Insensitive Guys Can Date Insensitive Girls

Otherwise, you will have to be someone else until you win her heart and that’s not love. It’s a game, usually a nerve game.

Despite all the awful “qualities” I’ve mentioned so far if you find such a girl and she happens to fall in love with you don’t let her go. She will love you with all her heart. She is braver than you might think at first. She will always hold her own just to get you angry but these are her ways of testing the waters. She will always have some small tests for you just to see if you can meet her harsh near to impossible standards.

However, these standards are harsh only at the first site. The moment you fulfill them once, there will be no need for repetition. She will be excited and glad even though she will probably miss the opportunity to show it.

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