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How To Make Some Room To Find Someone


Whether someone is in a relationship or not. They have to try to understand the reasons one may choose to be in a relationship. Or be single forever and avoiding emotional exchange offers empowerment. And understanding how to manage and proceed under the expectations and pressures of family and society. One may decide to leave their boundaries in place or decide that its worth to power through one’s needs. Or fears so that one can explore a deeper intimate relationship.

Here are some reasons for which people making any room for relationship or wants to be single forever:


  1. Strong Boundaries Because of Past

If one grew up surrounded by chaos, loss and feeling unsafe, or if one experienced pain in a previous relationship. It is possible that people tend to control their boundaries to feel safe. And end up building a wall around themselves to feel protected. However, after living so being walled off, one becomes phobic and uncomfortable to engage in an intimate relationship. One’s boundaries may become the shield to survive in this ruthless and chaotic world.

A partner can get you out of this situation, but again, you are not open to let someone entering your world and breaking down your walls. See if you are ready for a relationship or not. Compile your thoughts and have a consultation which your friends and family in this regard. You can always consult for their assistance.


  1. Trauma

At some time in one’s life, one might have been emotionally engaged, and an unfortunate situation happened. It could be someone’s loss, or one might have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse or an accident like a car crash or some event during military service.

Whatever the source, trauma is very painful and could impact again and again. If it remains untreated, trauma can destroy one’s hopes and expectations in the future. As a result of this, one may find it safer to avoid relationships fearing that they might face the situation that they have been running away from. You can also feel that you are done with the world, but it will be a feeling which will pass by. Time is the biggest healer; it will gradually make your ready to step into a new relationship that can possibly make your life worth living for.


  1. Natural State

One might have a safe and positive childhood. He might have a past relationship, which was also amicable. He might be optimistic and extrovert and still choose to be single and not willing to enter a committed relationship. Some people are intellectually mature, understand the meaning of commitment, and realize that in their current situation, which may not be up for such committed relationships.

If this is the case, it should be respected for the fact that one is being in their natural state and not getting into something they can’t fulfill.  You can sign up with and get their expert advice for your relationship problems. We will also help you navigate the best life partner for you who will try his or her best to keep you happy and contented in life.


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