How to Stay Positive in a Relationship When You’re Going Through a Tough Time

Going Through Tough Times: How to Stay Positive in a Relationship

All relationships go through tough times every now and again. It’s important that you stay positive during these times in order for you to keep a sane mind


It’s also important to stay positive so that you can be a support system for your partner.  And to not influence the relationship in a bad way.

This is easier said than done. Here are a few top tips you could follow to help you keep the positive vibes flowing.



  1. Appreciate What You Have

When couples go through a tough time. Especially when it’s financially related, it’s important that they appreciate what they have.

Every morning, during breakfast, you should tell each other what you appreciate. Whether it’s your house, your bed, the sunshine or something special within each other.

It’s important to be thankful for what you have and not focus on what you don’t.



  1. Compliment and Build

During tough times, it is vital that the two of you keep on growing together.

Growth cannot happen when you break each other down by saying mean things. Being encouraging and giving each other motivation to get over this milestone will make the struggle more bearable.

Find nice things to say about each other and say them.



  1. Be Supportive

If your partner is the one going through strenuous or tough times. It’s important that you let go of your own needs. You should be 100% supportive. Don’t expect your partner to tend to any of your unnecessary needs during this time. You should be their support system.



  1. Be Understanding

When someone is going through tough times, their emotions are running in all kinds of directions. Be understanding when your partner is quieter than usual.

Don’t make situations tenser by adding emotions to the fuel. If they are moody, give them a hug or a cup of coffee.

But don’t expect them to listen for hours and hours how you complain or talk about unimportant things.

Understand their situation by putting yourself in their shoes. Try to make it better for them by listening and giving space.



  1. Have Fun

It’s important that you continue to have fun.  Move the big issues to the side and start having fun again.

Even if it’s just watching a funny movie at your nearest cinema. Having a huge laugh can really lighten the mood and give you an energy boost.

Laughing releases endorphins that will have you feeling positive and happy. believes that relationships are forever.

We get married because we want to share our lives with someone. We take a vow to stick it through good times and through the bad. A successful marriage is dependent on whether you decide to have a good attitude in desperate times. Remember love can overcome anything and everything!

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