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How To Avoid Attention Seekers Naturally?


There is no match for attention seeker if they are not children. When a child acts up because he isn’t receiving enough attention, it is bad enough, but we can expect it. After all, kids are still working life out. However, when an adult behaves in a similar fashion it is both sad and embarrassing.


Attention Seekers will Exhaust you Emotionally


When an adult in a relationship behaves unbecomingly because they’re jealous, it should act as a warning sign to you. People with an inferiority complex will resort to outrageous behavior to get attention on themselves. They pretend to be sick, then they’re aggressive or they indulge in risky behavior – all this to get your attention. Be very careful of these people as a potential long-term partner, because some of them will even go as far as posting insulting messages on social media sites to upset you. They get a kick from being in the middle of such a stir.


Being married to an unstable attention seeker can be exhausting and fraught with anxiety and unhappiness. With an inferiority complex, unless the person has a complete mindset change, it can be difficult spending even one day with such a person, let alone a lifetime.


Where there’s No Drama, they Create Drama


If you’re looking to build a meaningful relationship with someone, you won’t find it with an insufferable attention seeker. They will use dramatic and sometimes dangerous ways to get a reaction from people. Where there is no drama, they simply create drama and make sure they’re the center of attention in every drama or crisis. Many of them will admit to secretly thriving on the attention they receive when their lives are in ‘turmoil’.


They love that there is always a ‘foolish’, compassionate listening ear, ready to believe everything they’ve got to say. They end up being lonely and sad and unable to maintain long-term relationships.


Look for a Rational Partner in the Right Places


In the long run, being tied to an attention seeker is going to harm you. It’s why, if you’ve been a bit out of luck with such a person and you’re looking to find a balanced partner, it may be that you’re looking in all the wrong places. There are some dating sites that don’t do much to screen the people who sign up with them. They’ve got people there who could go ballistic at any moment.


On the other hand, is free to sign up with and browse through. You can complete your profile and complete a test that assesses your compatibility with others. It’s not just another dating site, but rather for like-minded people with values – those looking to settle into a steady relationship that leads to marriage. Being in a relationship with an attention seeker just wants to make you long to escape. Research shows that self-defeating behavior is something that can happen again and again – like you’re on auto-pilot for choosing the wrong person yet again.

Time to Make Sound Decisions


When the stakes are high though, like looking for a stable, long term relationship, you want to avoid the mental traps you’ve possibly been in and which prevent you from making sound decisions. With a decent dating site, at last, you can take a deep breath and turn on your rational brain as you find a rational partner.


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