Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations: Dating Men and Women


Having a long-term relationship is one of the most refined and enjoyable feelings. It is the fact that all the relationships come with certain expectations, which are either realistic or unrealistic. You must be in a relationship, and it is time for you to see either the expectations of your mate are realistic or not. Here, you will come to know that what exactly a realistic expectation in a relationship is?


You Can’t Have Every Wish of Your Granted

In the list of the top most unrealistic expectations, a false feeling of becoming happy at 360 degrees in a relationship is the most dangerous one. Nothing is perfect in this world, and the relationship is not an exception. You should never expect that this relationship will give you everything and happiness.


Don’t Try to Find a Yes Man

Humans are born in the same biology, but everyone is different in habits, and the way of thoughts also differs from person to person. Your partner may be compatible with you, but it would not be perfect compatibility. So, never think of having a person who will say “yes” at everything you say. If you think like this, then you will fall back quickly as your expectations are unrealistic.


Thinking of You Unconditionally is Unrealistic  

Your partner is not bound to give you all the time he or she has in life. There is a lot of stuff which surrounds us in life. So, it is not realistic to think that he or she will be thinking of you “unconditionally”. However, if your partner is not giving you the time you deserve and you have tried a lot to get him back to you, your relationship is not heading anywhere. You should sign up at GoMarry.com and find help to select the best partner who will take care of you and you will get the maximum attention from that person.


Perfect Orgasm

Moreover, if you are young and think that the other person will fulfill your sexual needs every time and you will have a perfect life of pleasure, it is also an unrealistic expectation. You need to understand the priorities of your partner. If sexual life is your leading concern, you should find some0ne who is actually interested in that only.



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Set Relationship Goals First

Remember, you should set your priorities first and then see how compatible your expected partner is with those expectations which are linked to your preferences. If you stay successful in finding the exact traits, then you will not be concerned about the unrealistic expectations as the other person will understand your feeling.

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