Avoid Lust in a Relationship

If you’re not new age, polyamorous, open-relationship person, chances are you don’t like sharing your partner with someone else. The same goes for your partner’s possessiveness as well. This is not a traditional concept or a social construct: humans are wired to have monogamous relationships and they don’t want anyone else to have their partner.

In many relationships, partners can get a case of a wandering eye. When this happens, the other partner can quickly lose trust or a positive attitude about the relationship. This is understandable: your partner having a lust for other people can be quite hard to handle.

To keep the relationship intact and stable, you should avoid lust and keep the passion going just between you two. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Don’t Date Players

Emotionally mature men who are ready for a commitment will recognize the worth of a great partner and won’t let lust ruin their relationship. If you constantly date players, who have a great deal of lust for women outside their relationship, you’ll find yourself in dead-end relationships all the time.

  1. Set Boundaries

Always communicate clearly and openly to your partner. If you are having insecurities or issues with their lust, let them know and don’t let the feeling simmer inside of you.

At the beginning of each relationship, it’s very important to define the boundaries of acceptable behavior. It’s normal and human to experience lust, but every couple handles it in their own way.

For example, if you’d rather know every time your partner feels lust for someone, let them know, but don’t judge them or scold them when they do.

It’s of essential importance that both partners agree on what’s cheating before going further in a relationship. It’s important to define what goes beyond a monogamous relationship and which lustful actions will result in a breakup. For some people, cheating implies sleeping with another person. For others, even smaller mistakes like flirting or getting someone’s number are break-up worthy. If you’re unclear from the beginning where the boundaries of cheating are, don’t be surprised if your partner crosses them and then expects your forgiveness.

  1. Forgive and Forget

When your partner experiences lust for someone else, it can be a rollercoaster of emotions. You might feel sadness, anger, jealousy, distrust, and about 10,000 other feelings. However, if you want to continue the relationship, it’s important to realize that lust is completely normal and cannot be avoided. If you break up the relationship and find another partner, they will also feel lust towards other people. You can help this. The only thing you can do is to accept it, forgive your partner, don’t take it personally, forget and move forward. In the grand scheme of human relationships and your marriage, lust is just a petty issue that is given too much attention.

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