label-less relationship

Label-less Relationship: Everthing You Need to Know

“Single”, “In an open relationship”, “It’s complicated”, “Married”, “Divorced”, “Separated”, “Civil Union”, “Engaged”, “I’d rather not say”, “Domestic Partnership” these terms distinct label-less relation from a labeled relationship

Label-less relationships tend to haunt the couples,  it should have an end goal for both of you. But what do you do if you’re in a relationship that’s not labeled?

If the person you are madly in love with is suggesting that you go into a label-less relationship – here are some things you need to know before agreeing to it.

  1. No labels – No commitment

If there’s no label on your relationship, it opens up the door to too many problems. For example: If one of you faces temptation, one drunken night, and falters by hooking up with someone else. This behavior will be seen as acceptable, as you have agreed to a label-less relationship. No one said that you are exclusive and this gives the other person some lee-way to do exactly what they want.

Falling for a label-less relationship means ultimately creating chaos and hurting each other. You don’t owe each other anything if your relationship is simply label-less. So, basically, you are friends who hook up and that too with no commitment or loyalty.

  1. No End Goal

You are setting yourself and your relationship up for failure if there’s no end goal. If you are in a loving relationship the end-goal should ultimately be ‘marriage’. But if you kind of go with the flow to see where things lead. You aren’t really serious about the other person and the relationship will eventually fade out. That is how a label-less relationship comes to an end.

  1. No value

If you agree to a non-label relationship you aren’t putting a value on yourself. What is your love worth? What is your attention worth? If someone doesn’t want to agree to be exclusive to you and only you, you should let them walk out the door. Know your value!

Giving yourself away too easily will definitely spoil you for the next person. It will be emotionally draining trying to deal with all the insecurities and possibilities. Lack of trust means and you are basically setting yourself up for a long road of uncertainties and paranoia.

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