Backhanded Compliment Psychology

Waht is Backhanded Compliment Psychology?

Studies have told that by paying someone a backhanded compliment, you are going to make them want you more. Psychology states that a human being will seek acceptance of someone who often insults them


Sounds weird? consider your relationship with your parents. If you have a parent who often doesn’t accept your actions as the best they can be. This will often be the parent you want to please the most. This is the same sort of principle that now applies to the dating world.


Backhanded Compliment is Another Name of Nagging

In the dating community, backhanded compliments have been termed ‘nagging’. Nagging is a way to insult an individual just to break them down. And to make them feel more vulnerable. As a result, this more vulnerable individual is deemed to be more susceptible to your advances. We do not condone this disrespectful and cruel way to win someone’s affections.

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Backhanded Compliment  Revolves Around Zero Compassion

It takes no consideration for other people’s feelings. A backhanded compliment user is often an individual who just likes hooking up. Insecure individuals lack the abilities to attract another person are always eager to taunt their partners.


The Signs Someone is Using Backhanded Compliment?

Have they ever said, “wow, you are actually really smart”? Yeah, this isn’t a compliment. They are telling you that you don’t appear smart and they never considered you to have your own brain.

Have they ever said, “you look really pretty with makeup on”? Again, not a compliment. This is a backhanded way of saying you don’t look good without makeup. Therefore, you are not pretty. Backhanded compliments are commonly found in toxic relationships.

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Don’t Stand For Nonsense

You are a part of an unhealthy relationship. They may even make you the butt of every joke. Your partner’s jokes always berate you and instead of laughing with you. They start laughing at you. Know that it is another way of being a target of a backhanded compliment. Don’t stand for such nonsense.

The tell-tale signs that someone is not treating you as you deserve to be treated will help you to say Ta-ra! You deserve better, don’t let any male or female have the power to degrade you and allow your emotions to become unimportant. We say, move on and find yourself a healthy companionship built on mutual respect, honesty and will sure help you find one balanced relationship and that too for a lifetime.

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