What Nagging Does to a Relationship

What Nagging Does to a Relationship

Nagging makes us feel like we are a teenager again being asked by our parents repeatedly to tidy our bedroom


Before we look at the effects of nagging in a relationship, we have to ask the question as to why are you being nagged?

Perhaps, like your teenage self, you keep putting off a task that your partner has asked for you to complete. Be responsible and don’t promise to do something if you have no plans to follow through.

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Don’t Try To Be Man-Child

If your partner often treats you less like an equal and more like your parent, perhaps you are in fact acting more like a child than you should be. Adult relationships require both parties to work hard in maintaining day to day lives, it should not fall on one individual to act responsibly.

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Lack of Responsibility Gives Way to Nagging  

More often than not, nowadays we see partners taking on the parent role to make up for a lack of responsibility in their significant other.

Does your wife do everything for the school run while you barely make it up in time to get to work? Does your boyfriend take on the main role of washing all your clothes? Why are you allowing that to happen? Understand the reasons and stop nagging hurt your relationship.


Play Your Role

It is natural to assume different roles and responsibilities in a relationship. For example, if you are hopeless at cooking and your partner isn’t? Then it would make more sense for them to take on this role. But make sure that you give something else in return.

Relationships require us to give and to take in order for them to be equal. So if your partner cooks all your meals, perhaps you can always do the washing up.


Nagging Add Conflicts

When one individual takes on the role of nagging the other.  We can see an unnecessary shift in dynamic and also added conflict. We stop treating each other as partners and more as task achievers.

If you find yourself constantly nagging your significant other, ask yourself how reasonable this is. We want to avoid additional conflict in order to live in a healthy and stable partnership, and nagging does quite the opposite.


Acceptance Could Work

Acceptance of who your partner is can be difficult if it means some promises are never fur filled. Make sure to communicate to your person in a mature way that encourages equality. Ask your partner why they have not completed a task rather than berating them instead.


Communication Avoids Nagging

Nobody needs to get home from a long and hard day at work to then be reminded that they haven’t achieved something they promised they would. Give them time and always think the best of them rather than assuming the worst.

Communicate in a productive way that can turn the situation that is annoying into a positive opportunity. Respect each other and willing to correct yourself for the betterment of your own relationship.

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We can avoid negative confrontation and ensure healthy communication. We can only see this as a positive step in turning those daily niggles into opportunities of learning more about each other.  That is how we develop a relationship into a strong and healthy one. You can even try gomarry.com if you think you have had enough of nagging.

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