Bad Girls

Why Bad Girls Are Not Desirable But Bad Boys Are


Hmm… Bad girls Are desirable but for a one-night stand or hooking up. They are not welcome when it comes to more serious issues like relationship or marriage.

The Hypocritical Social Norms

Why? Because of the hypocritical social norms. When a family man wants to lay someone down he rarely picks up a good girl. He would always prefer the bad one because she will fulfill all his sexual fantasies and act accordingly to his expectations. Good girls are just not interesting for such a messy romance.


What Does It Mean To Be A Bad Girl Anyway

A prostitute, whore, cheater… Someone with ill manners and a bad upbringing? Or just a girl who is mean? I don’t know. But what I know for sure is that they can always transform into good and desirable ones only if they find a nice partner instead of an alpha male.


“Bad boys sentenced to the short-term relationship or life-imprisonment in a line-term one”

Bad boys are desirable but only for a short term relationship. It is scientifically verifiable that such men, like narcissists, can seem more adjusted in a relationship, more attractive and entertaining. But in along term every woman smart enough will notice that he is a macho jerk and nothing else with whom she had only wasted her time. It’s because bad guys don’t like long-term commitment and they invest all the time, money and energy in themselves instead in a relationship. Personally, I would always choose nice over the bad guy because my experience thought me so. But many girls opt for undesirable guys for many reasons.


“Even though women hate jerks they somehow end updating them”.

Maybe they just copy paste the behavior they have become accosted too in the past or maybe they really like demanding and rude guys because they don’t like themselves. They want to act like a victim who ended up with a manipulator because she wants to cause pity in others. There are hundreds of scenarios –why- but there is no logical explanation for such masochism.


Bad Girls & Bad Boys Evolution

Such a thesis stems back in the past. You had princesses and whores. Good and bad girls. Even though we don’t know what the princesses were doing behind a closed door they still remained nice. On the other hand bad men or male prostitutes as I like to call them to think that they are more attractive if they act rudely and disrespectfully. They saw such behavior in their favorite films, in their environment and probably in their family. So, an old maxim that bad girls are whores and bad men macho men still survived the test of time.


Hypothetically men and women would rather be with people who are nice, kind, supporting, loving and caring but in reality, something completely different happens. Either people lie when answering a questionnaire or the sample of chosen people for love experiments are not enough. But, mostly, the evidence shows that both women and men enjoy nice partners and are turned off by jerks. All in all, it’s better to have a long term relationship with a smart, sensitive partner than to waste your time with bad ones whom you can’t change.

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