Inside The Mind Of A Serial Dater

Dating and romance are part of every person’s life journey and can become one of the most accomplished triumphs in life.  It teaches discipline, commitment, trust, respect and the whole paraphernalia of attributes that produce real love.  Love that has been tried, love that has been tested and love that has endured, yields an honorable legacy for families.


How wonderful it would be if dating and relationships could be simple and complicated.  Well, it can be especially when making calculated decisions about your future.  There are apparent dangers to be conscious of in the dating minefield.  One of those dangers is falling hopelessly and romantically in love with somebody who has a reputation for being a serial dater.



Serial daters know the profile of the person/s that they can easily hoodwink.  They prey on the emotions of partners who lack self-confidence and those that can be easily manipulated and impulsive.  Impulsive people are those that do not look before they leap.  They do not analyze stark realities even when it is glaringly obvious. Plunging right into the relationships that ultimately causes them heartbreak.


It has been said that we are living in a microwave generation.  People are expecting quick solutions in life.  Hasty decisions made when it concerns relationships can be devastating.  Finding the correct partner, who is compatible and will ultimately complete you, takes patience, understanding and time.  Most online dating websites foster the behavior of serial daters however it is encouraging that supports the concept of marriage, love, and commitment.




There are many ways to recognize a serial dater.  Also, in this highly technological age, there are much literature and case studies available to help people escape this menace.


The serial dater can be identified as manipulative, selfish and domineering.  Their behavior aims to coerce partners into an emotional state where they can become controlled.  Partners that find themselves in the clutches of a serial dater can at times be in denial especially if they are being compensated by way of gifts or financial gain.


There is an old adage that when something seems like it is too good to be true, it probably is.  This is one of the classic signs to identify a serial dater before it is too late.  A serial dater cannot and is not able to commit to whatsoever they may have promised and they are generally very secretive.  They have security codes on all their digital devices to conceal their two-timing intents and not risk exposure.


Thankfully there are articles on that can assist anyone entering into a relationship to become knowledgeable and enlightened concerning these issues.



The serial dater plays the field, sowing seeds of mistrust, immorality, offending others and ultimately leaves behind a trail of broken hearts and wounded souls.  The tragedy of serial dating is that when that offender possibly meets a moral upstanding partner they have already left behind a tsunami of hurt in their wake.  How unfair is that to those wounded partners who now have to painstakingly begin rebuilding their lives.  Thankfully there is a platform in that will direct, guide and console people who are looking for sound advice and assistance to recover and move on with their lives.




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