Balance: Your Life & Love When You Have Fallen Hard


Falling in love is one of the most blissful times in a person’s life. You are happy, doting on a new beau and want to spend every moment with them. Then suddenly you start to realize that you haven’t seen your friends in a while, your laundry is weeks behind, and you haven’t done your favorite hobby in ages. You need to find a balance between love and life.


Building Resentment

A loving relationship can throw your life upside down. Adoring and spending time with your new partner is fantastic but it takes time away from doing other things that you love. Life will continue even if you don’t want it to and not being able to get to things may result in harboring negative feelings. The resentment will continue to build and after a while, your relationship may begin to suffer. You might blame your partner or lash out at a friend for asking the simplest of questions. Constant obsession with your partner will not get you anywhere. You might feel that you are missing out on social gatherings or get irritated about the little things. You have to get a handle on life to maintain your happiness.


Balancing the Scale of Life

Establishing a routine is key to staying sane and getting to everything. You have a general idea of when you will be with your loved one so plan around that and limit the time spent together if necessary. Continue doing your daily activities – go to work, wash the dishes, feed the cat, and make your bed. Do not ignore the duties you are required to complete. Lengthy phone calls and too many text messages will make it difficult for you to focus. Set ground rules with your partner to not bother you at work except for lunch times. Each time a message comes through you will want to read it and this distracts from getting your work done.


Eat healthy foods and do not skip meals. Exercise several times a week to help you stay healthy and to blow off some steam. You can go to the gym with your partner or take a walk together if you still want to spend more time together. Continue doing other hobbies as this makes you happier. It provides you with a break from reality and an escape when times are tough.


You may not see your friends as often as you did previously but they have always been there for you. Keep these friendships going by staying in contact with your friends. Send a message every second day and stay up to date with what is happening in their lives. Schedule a get together at least once a month to see them alone. Every once in a while you can have a double date night with your friends and their partners too.


Both you and your new love need to balance your lives. Spending time on your responsibilities and without each other will not harm your relationship. You may even find that time apart makes the heart grow fonder. Balance your life to find true happiness.

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