The Difference Between a Man and Boy

The difference between a man and a boy is not just a physical one, it’s a difference in mentality. Regardless of age, man who is confident and self-assured is able to form the foundations of a healthy relationship within himself and others. And the difference between a boy and man often goes beyond the immature vs. mature argument. The situation can be a lot more nuanced. Here are a few below.


  1. A man knows what he wants and is able to take the necessary steps forward to achieve his goals. A boy is disorganized in his thoughts, and isn’t goal-oriented. It’s to root for someone when they don’t want to help themselves. And moreover, there is nothing sexier to a woman than witnessing a man she loves succeeding and thriving in what he set out to accomplish.


  1. A boy lives for the moment. Spends money on a whim and the only thing he plans for is his guys night out at a local bar. A man starts the groundwork for his future. He plans for an emergency fund, a family, and retirement. And while the boy who is spontaneous may seem like fun in the short term, the man who plans is the one you want by your side for the long haul.


  1. A man is not afraid of uncomfortable emotions or conversations. He is able to keep his feelings in check, and lets you know where you stand. A boy runs when things get too serious, and he isn’t capable of emotional maturity. This is not to say that a man doesn’t get afraid, but he deals with tough situations head on. He does so without drama or excuses. The emotionally mature man knows that communication is a two – way street.


  1. A boy cares only for the exterior of a woman. He doesn’t take the time to get to know her properly and only looks for superficial qualities. He is image conscious and cares very much for what others think of him. He is constantly seeking validation through outside sources from social media or other places. Displays cocky and smug behavior. And he is most likely on the hunt for the next best thing.


  1. A man knows that the worth and value of a woman goes beyond physical attraction. He looks for intelligence and a set of shared principles in a significant other he wants to commit to. Man wants a partner, not someone he can show off to make himself look better. Further, he doesn’t need outside confirmation. His trust in himself sends a clear message to everyone around him that he secure in his choices.


  1. A man is loyal, and he knows his responsibilities trumps everything. When a person can depend on you, whether in work or in a relationship, this conveys a very vital message. And more than likely the man will be successful in whatever he puts his efforts towards. A boy is not someone people view as dependable, and he isn’t able to stay loyal, to himself or anyone else.

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