Be Creative: Cute Ways to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend


Dating is all about meeting new people, flirting with creative date ideas, and enhancing understanding with partners. If you are planning to date some girl,  you will need to come up with the most creative, romantic, and cute proposal to ask a girl out and to be your girlfriend. Girls prefer creativity and cuteness from their guys during their dating relationship. If you have been seeing a girl and you are thinking of proposing her, you can be a little creative or perhaps use the ways described in this article.


Speak your heart out

Describing your true and sincere feelings is often the best way to impress your girl. You can be confident and invite her to a social event and pour out your feelings for her. She might be waiting for her confident prince charming, and she might respond in a positive way for your feelings. Speaking your heart out will give the impression that you are a confident person and can be a trustworthy partner. Make it more interesting and cute by showering flowers on her from the roof or spreading them on her way.


Make your commitment public

You should leave a compliment for her in front of everyone and then going on your knees and describing your feeling as, “I have been dreaming about you” and “You are amazing, and I would love you to be my girlfriend”. Saying this in front of everyone will persuade her to think you are the man. She would definitely say “yes”! You can also have some kids with you to sing some love songs for here while proposing her.


Chocolates and flowers

Girls like chocolates and flowers and they dream about their boyfriend to cook food for them. You can use your cute cooking skills and invite her for dinner. Do not forget to make some shapes of roses and hearts on food for her. You can cut the vegetables or fruits in the form of a heart. Moreover, a heart-shaped cake is also one of the cutest ideas. If you make it yourself, it will be great. Get some roses and confess your feelings to her. You can say, “I would love to be the boyfriend of you pretty girl” and ask her, what does she think?


Sing a song

You can also use your singing skills and sing your feelings for her. Do not worry; we are not saying that this is only for some professional singers. Whatever you will sing in some broken voice and tone will look cute as girls like some silly ideas. They think that it is an indication that the person is so much in love with them and he will keep them happy. She would admire your cuteness and might become your girlfriend.

If you have already tried all of these methods and the girl is not ready to listen to you, it is better to move on. Find a girl of your dreams at

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