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Dreaming About Your Crush? This is How Turn it Into Reality

You have been dreaming about your crush and one fine day you come across a person who turns out be “the one” for you


You may have signed up to GoMarry.coms Marriage only Matchmaking services and spotted someone’s profile that you really like?

If you have gone through their profile about a million times and you can’t stop thinking about them and you even started dreaming about your crush.

But you haven’t taken the initiative to start chatting to them? It’s normal to feel a bit anxious to start chatting with someone that you’ve seen your prospect.

You are scared that they won’t like you back or that they’d rather go on a marriage meeting with someone else.

So, how can you turn your GoMarry.com crush into reality?


Stop the Doubt

Firstly, stop doubting yourself! Know your worth!

If you have something to offer you will be a great catch for your crush. You will not have to keep dreaming about your crush.  You just have to believe it.  Read my article on how to stop being shy https://articles.gomarry.com/introvert-put-an-end-to-your-shyness/ to help you gain some confidence.


Be Yourself

If you are yourself your crush will fall in love with you naturally. Showing your kind and compassionate nature together with demonstrating small acts of love. You will engage your crush to fall in love with you. Don’t be dishonest and lie about who you are.


Initiate Conversation

You’ll never know until you make the first contact with your crush. Reach out to them and go on a Marriage meeting.

Be prepared for the marriage meeting by going through my 101 questions to ask. This will give you the guidance and guidelines on what to talk about and what to ask at your first meeting.

It’s important that you share information just as much as you listen to what your crush is saying. Showing interest and remembering small details of things that they tell you, will give you the tools to win them over.


Use Body Language

It’s important that you use body language to attract your crush. Looking shy and uninterested won’t help you to make a good first impression. Remember to have an open body style to create attraction between the two of you. Show your personality and be honest.


Follow Up

If you want your crush to become your long-life spouse you need to follow up.

After the marriage meeting, you should definitely suggest a second meeting. This time, it can only be the two of you. You can get to know each other on a more personal level.

Top tip: Remember the information that they shared with you during your first marriage meeting. Ask follow up questions to show them that you’ve listened and that you are genuinely interested. This is the best way to win over their hearts.

GoMarry.com encourages loving relationships. We want you to find true love and end up marrying your crush.

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