Become a Woman

Become a Woman: He Can’t Afford to Leave


Some women end up in their relationship where the man becomes so used to the idea of being with them. He no longer gives them the respect and attention they deserve. A man becomes so comfortable with the idea. That he doesn’t have to do anything to keep his woman in his life. He becomes set in his ways and thinks that the relationship is a given.


Don’t Be A Property


If a man is taking you for granted, either he doesn’t realize what he has. Or you’re simply not giving him something to fight for. It might be the case that he is so conditioned to have you around. And he feels that he has earned the right to have you as his partner. This means he’s probably under-appreciating your value and he needs to be reminded that a sign of effort is required if he wants you to stick around. He might be thinking that he can do better than you and possibly consider getting involved with someone else. On the other hand, you might be the one who has become overly comfortable having him in your life, and you’re not trying hard enough to be a worthwhile companion. In this case, you may want to practice certain changes to become an indispensable partner.


Know Your Own Worth 


First off, you don’t want to come across as needy. You have to recognize your own worth. Trust that if things don’t work out, you’ll have no problem finding someone else. Once that confidence has set in, try adopting specific traits that would be desirable to not only him but any man in general. If you become the kind of woman who has an understanding of a man’s flaws, relatively low maintenance, nurturing, adventurous in bed, financially independent, easy to laugh with, and sensitive to a man’s emotions, any guy who turns you down would be a moron.


Better To Say ‘Good Bye’


If he still takes you for granted after all this, then he doesn’t deserve you. There’s no point putting in all that time and energy into someone who isn’t going to be grateful to be with you. Set a limit as to how hard you’re willing to try, become an important aspect of his life, and if you reach that limit, move on and find someone else who will actually treat you the way you deserve to be treated. If you do this, there’s a good chance your partner will realize what a great woman he has lost, and he will resort to petty emotional manipulation to try and win you back. If that doesn’t work, he may end up lashing out at you, bad-mouthing you to his friends, and making out as if you were somehow the problem in the relationship.

Ultimately though, you shouldn’t have to become anything more than what you already are. It’s good to work on your issues and strive for self-improvement, but you shouldn’t have to make drastic changes to your fundamental personality just to be desired by someone. The right person will love you just as you are. View these articles for a better understanding of how to find the right relationship.


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