Not Compatible

How to Know If Your Partner is Compatible


After we broke up, you had me second guessing everything. What went wrong? Could we have done anything to salvage what was left of our relationship? Is there a parallel universe in which you and I could have worked out? Were we really not compatible? I decided not to torture my mind with these questions without an answer. As a growth experience, I decided to take this relationship as a lesson which will be useful in my forever relationship.


Why do Relationships Fail


A friend once told me that there are only two reasons a long, stable relationship can fall apart: when one of the partners has an affair or when partners get into a huge fight. Basically, these are the two most commons reasons relationships end. What about those relationships which have silent endings, full of regrets and uncertainty? How can you go on when you don’t even know what caused your break up? You can’t even try to move on if you don’t have even the slightest hint of closure. Realizing what went wrong in the relationship is crucial so you could understand your feelings and pain and move on.


Is Compatibility Overrated


The answer is: absolutely not. If nothing else, compatibility in a relationship is underrated. It’s the number 1 recipe for making 2 individuals work together as a couple. How long can a relationship last without compatibility? The relationship can last as long as infatuation feelings are there. If both of you feel like you are on cloud nine, it will take some time before you see the truth. When the passion fades and all that’s left are you two in your most authentic version, you will see if you’re not compatible. After this happens, it’s only a matter of time before the relationship falls apart. How can you know if you’re compatible with someone?


If you have recently gone through a breakup, you might be questioning if you were compatible in the first place. If not, this would definitely give you closure and the peace of mind you need. However, all signs show that you were really compatible. You were the Yin to the other person’s Yang, they were the Sun to your Moon. If everything clicked, what went wrong?


Bad Timing: What Does it Mean


When two people meet, start a relationship and then break up, even though they were compatible, they often blame it on bad timing. It’s a common break up the line as well. Bad timing simply means that your lives are not ready to welcome the other person in the way they deserve. Finding perfect love is hard: you have to meet the ideal person, in the ideal circumstances, at the ideal time. When you think about it, is there even such a thing as good timing?


When you’re looking for a relationship, and you’re serious about it, there’s no such thing as bad timing. You’re absolutely ready for the person of your life. If you’re ready to welcome your soulmate into your life, visit


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