How to Handle Withholding Behavior of Partner?

You might have heard one of your friends saying, ‘I never show or express my partner that I love her’.  With withholding behavior, an individual uses his praise, emotions, feelings, affection, and presence as a weapon against you.

Being in a relationship that is devoid of emotional support is difficult. If you don’t get what you deserve from your partner, you feel unloved, rejected and isolated. You can solve the issue by approaching other people around you and by speaking to your partner directly. Once your partner starts to open up, both of you can discuss how you can maintain a relationship that is satisfying and healthy.


Side effects of withholding behavior in love

You feel pathetic—begging, pleading, offering things that are distasteful to you, apologizing for everything, literally on your knees, promising to be better, just to re-secure your partner’s love and affection. ‘You’re dead to me’. This is what the withholding behavior of your partner expresses. You’re always looking to achieve relief from the unbearable pain. Your partner is denying a healthy, communicative relationship

After receiving such cold behavior, the victim is often seen wondering if they mean anything to the person on whom they have invested so many years of their life. You start thinking about whether you actually exist in your partner’s life. Your partner has forgotten all of the sacrifices and contributions, which you had made in order to build this relationship.


Talk to your partner

One of the actionable ways to deal with withholding behavior is to sit with your partner and have a one on one conversation about the issues. Talk in a neutral place where nobody disturbs you. If you’re living together, you can talk in the living room or at the kitchen table. If you’re living separately, choose a local coffee shop or a bench in a park that is quiet. Ask him why he doesn’t answer when you ask him about his or your feelings. Why he doesn’t respond to your love and feelings.


Live separate for a few days

It’s a great idea to leave home. You may live with your friends or even at a hotel to avoid him.

It is good to avoid him until he changes his behavior.

Get help from family and friends

As a matter of fact, there is a huge difference between getting affection and consolation from friends and family and the kind of love and intimacy you get from a spouse. But for the time being, it is good to get counseling from near ones.

Define boundaries

Clearly tell your partner if he doesn’t change his withholding behavior, your relationship will not continue. You must stay separate and set a distance until the things get better.

Never beg him

Stay relaxed. Calmly explain that the withholding behavior of your partner is not acceptable. He will have to change his behavior if he wants to continue a relationship with you. Looking for a great person to develop a strong relationship, feel free to visit

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