What Are The Signs To Tell He is Fighting His Feelings for You

Men are not expressive creatures naturally. They might express certain things in a relationship but might not say other important details. This requires a profound understanding to know men and their behavior in a better way. Men might develop feelings for their partner, but they show the least efforts in revealing them to their potential partners.


If you are a girl keen to be in a relationship, it is necessary for you to develop an understanding of their behavior and approach. He might be in love with you but prefers not to express his feelings. They get afraid that expressing their feeling would reveal their emotional connectivity. It is necessary to develop an understanding of the possible signs that he has been fighting his feeling for you.


His initiated instant friendship is one of the central signs that he is really into you. You might receive different casual messages from him during the day. This will be the sign that he is showing interest in you and wanting to know more about you. He will show curiosity in his behavior.


He would show interest in learning your likes, dislikes, favorite food, music, and relationship status also interests him. He will be getting all the different details because he is interested in you. He will even remember little details about your interests, clearly hinting you to understand he pays extra attention to you.


If he is paying detailed attention to your appearances around him, the chances are that he is trying to impress you with his muscular or handsome look. He will be around to help and assist you with different tasks. This will reveal his feelings that he is trying to be around you and wanting to develop an understanding of your personality.


Men are protective in their nature, and their possessive nature makes them feel jealous when they found you surrounded by other men. They are looking for validation of their feelings for you. But being reluctant by nature, they do not want to express their hearts out and get hurt consequently. Fear of rejection get over them and they like to wait for you to give a green signal or show red flags.


Another important sign could be their thoughtful nature and behavior around you. They will come up with unique and creative ideas to describe the gentle nature of your personality. Men tend to hide their secrets and feelings but will start sharing them with you with the passage of time.


If you are seeing someone hesitant, have patience and wait for the right time to hear those three magic words. Meanwhile you can continue encouraging him, commending his little efforts and spending most of your time with him,  However, if he did not get the courage to express his feeling even after you tried a lot,  stop investing your time or feeling right away. You can find your ideal man on Gomarry.com who will surely love to go with the flow, win you and your love by expressing his heart out.

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