All You Need To Know About Blind Dates


There are many ways in which a couple can meet these, with some ways seems to work out better than others, although it is fair to say that every technique of meeting your partner does have its fair share of success stories. With that said, one of the least successful ways of meeting a partner and actually having a long and happy relationship together is through a blind date. Every day of every year there are people all over the world who are going off on a blind date and it is no real surprise that the success rate is rather low.


When you have been set up on a blind date by your close friends, the main reason that it is not going to work is simply that it is always hard to act the same way on a blind date as you do around your friends. Meeting someone for the first time and knowing absolutely nothing about them can be extremely daunting and you can get yourself into a mess with nerves and worry. Then there is the fact that you have no idea what they look like and that they might not like the way you look. There are a number of things which build up before a blind date has even started.


Yes, your friend has told you some things that they think you will like about them, while also telling you that they are good looking and you will find them attractive, but in a lot of these cases, that turns out to be way off the mark. It is nice that your friends are looking out for you and want you to meet someone new that you could hit it off with, but when it comes to agreeing to a blind date, the fact of the matter is that it is probably not going to lead to a long and happy life together, forever. As we have already mentioned, blind dates can work on some rare occasions but we would advise going for something a little bit different.


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