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Boring Relationship: How to Bring Back Fun


This is probably one of the most asked questions on my platform; “How do we reignite our spark?” Couples all over the world struggle to keep excitement in their relationships. It is possible that your relationship can go into a bit of a rut when a busy lifestyle comes in between.


Signs That Shows Your Relationship Is Becoming Boring


  • You are constantly together

Being together, all the time, can’t be a good thing. You get used to each other’s presence and this will have the consequence of your relationship turning into stale bread. There’s no trouble in spending time together. But if you do everything together, it’s likely that you don’t get excited anymore to be in each other’s presence. You won’t even notice your partner’s absence, because you are so used to them just being in the space.

  • You are in a comfort zone

Being in a comfort zone with your partner takes all the fun out of a relationship. You do everything in front of each other, from getting dressed to farting or picking your nose. This shows a terrible comfort zone. It’s natural for partners to show their gross side, but only to a certain extent.

  • There are no more surprises

Your partner has become very predictable, you know what they are going to and say. Their behavior has become routine and nothing that they do is surprising. You remember a time when your spouse presented you with something new and exciting every single day. Now, life has become monotonous and stale.

How To Get Out Of The Funk


  • Bring back the mystery

It’s important that both of you start creating mystery again. This means going to the toilet and closing the door, getting dressed without your partner being there and avoid doing gross things in front of them. Hiding cute underwear under your day clothes and letting your partner discover it later is a great way of bringing back mysterious fun.

  • Have some alone time

Don’t spend every waking moment together. Arrange a girls’ or boys’ night out, do things without your partner. This way you’ll have things to talk about later. Do your own thing and grow within yourself to be a better partner for your loved one.

  • Surprise each other

Surprise one another with a bouquet of flowers or a dinner at a new restaurant. Giving each other surprises makes your relationship and behavior unpredictable and that is what puts the fun back into the relationship. Even if it’s just a cute love letter in the other’s lunch box. strongly believes that relationships and marriages should work hard towards keeping the spark. As it is a vital part of the success of the relationship. If both partners do their part then there is no way for the relationship to fail.

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