Long Distance Relationship

Digital World: Ways to Sustain The Long Distance Relationship


There is not any doubt that long distance relationships are the hardest. It is extremely difficult to stay away from the love of your life and still feel connected and loved by your partner. Long distance relationship requires communication, trust, and honesty more than other types of relationships. You might experience bitterness, anxiety, and unease when you do not get to hear from your partner, who lives thousands of miles away from you. However, the advancement in technology has advanced communication methods to stay connected with your partner and engage in fun activities with your partner.

We have compiled some technology methods to stay connected and feel closer with your partners, which have been compiled below:


  1. Rabb.it

We all like going out for a movie or either watch a movie at home with our partner. However, it could be difficult to do that when your partner lives far away from you. This app allows you both to watch a movie together while being far away from each other. You can always contact GoMarry.com for their assistance.

You might not be able to physically feel each other, but you can stream a live video with rabb.it and continue watching a movie together with your partner. This app allows you to see your partner’s facial expressions, and you can chat throughout the movie through live call and text messages. If you have been away from each other, then Rabb.it is the answer to your questions.


  1. Pillow Talk in Relationship

Sleeping next to your partner could be the best part of a healthy relationship, but it could be hard to feel your partner’s presence when they live far away from each other. Pillow Talk is the solution to your problem when you can feel the sensation of sleeping next to your partner.

It consists of two wristbands and sensors, which can be implanted in your pillow. When your partner lays on his pillow, then your pillow will start glowing. The sensors also detect the heartbeat of your partner and promote the sensation of sleeping on their chest. This is an amazing thing to experience in a long distance relationship.


  1. Dreamdays

It can be hard to focus on work when you are continuously thinking about your long distance partner; however, trying Dreamdays app allows people to input the date and time of meeting with their partner. It will countdown for you to meet again.


  1. Stay Connected

Gone are the days when people used to talk on the voice calls without knowing the actual atmosphere where the other person is residing. Today, artificial intelligence has shifted the paradigm on distant calls. You can stay connected via different free video call services. It will give you a better experience of the living style of your partner.

It allows you to set your partner’s picture as the background of the countdown.  It can be hard to stay away from your partner, but you can try these digital apps to stay connected with your partner. You can also sign up with GoMarry.com and get their relationship advice for making your long distance relationship work.

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