Circular Dating – Deal Like a BOSS!

When speaking to some of my friends, they always act the same way when the conversation starts to move towards the relationship topic. The people in relationships cannot say enough and the people that are single don’t want to say anything. Men always have the excuse that they don’t want to commit and women complain that they cannot find a man that wants to commit.


Rori Raye coined the phrase circular dating to help women find commitment in a world where men are not always willing to commit. For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase secular dating, let’s bring you up to speed. Circular dating refers to a woman dating several men (at least 3) all at the same time. The rule is that you accept the date with the man that calls you first. You may not shuffle around your schedule to accommodate the man you like best or to go on a date to that restaurant you always wanted to visit. No such thing first come first serve. Rori goes on to explain that circular dating as a tool is not about dating but rather to interact with everyone and allowing yourself to open and allowing love in.


Now that everyone is on the same page, it is clear to see that circular dating aims to create a platform for women to find love that is built through commitment. Commitment is the cornerstone of any relationship. Society condemns an older woman who is still single but most the most common reason for them being single is they got fed up with men not willing to commit and take the relationship to the next level. We at understands this and we offer you a better solution, marriage only matchmaking. provides a platform for individuals who are not looking for a one-night stand but rather a long term committed relationship. If you are serious about finding a committed relationship, then we have the solution. No more circular dating or waiting for a man who may or may not decide to commit in the future. Marriage only matchmaking refers to the commitment first principle. we want you to find love with someone who does not want to play games but rather love you and only you.


Having a Marriage Only Relationship can ensure that you start building a relationship that promotes commitment from both parties. Stop wasting time in relationships with people too afraid to commit 100%. Find someone who will give their complete devotion to making your relationship work.

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