Stages In A Romantic Relationship

Different Stages In A Romantic Relationship

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes the husband in a baby carriage!

We all know this popular rhyme. We all chimed it while we were young and spotted one of our friends chatting to a boy or a girl. Nowadays the popular rhyme changed into something like this: First comes a date, then comes another date, then comes love, then comes the heartache. And then comes forgiveness, hard work, insecurity. In the end, there comes a different kind of love. Then comes the question: “are we getting married, or what? I’m sure you are getting the picture.

It would be really great if a romantic relationship came in three easy steps – love, proposal, marriage. But in all honesty and in reality, it doesn’t work like that anymore.


Dating has become part of our daily lives more and more. People are looking for the freedom to be single and just hook up whenever they are lonely. This had the consequence of the ‘freedom-seeker’ really breaking the ‘marriage-seekers’ heart and ultimately wasting their time.  Some of us are still looking for a long-lasting relationship that will end in marriage. How can you be sure of marriage when most people out there are not in it for the long haul anymore? Can there be only a few steps in a romantic relationship?

There is a solution to this problem and it’s a Marriage only Matchmaking site Which helps you meet matches with the same interests and future hopes as you – wanting to get married. By using you will go on a Marriage Meeting to find someone who you are compatible with, making the prospects of a bright loving marital future a reality. By doing this you are eliminating the many dreadful and time-consuming stages that a modern relationship has in store.


You can skip the awkward first date and all the other dates and insecurities in between and jump straight into the last stage of a relationship which is Marriage. You’ll find that going into the marriage stage of your relationship before going through all the other awkward stages of a relationship can be very rewarding. You aren’t wasting your time on someone who you are not sure you’ll spend the rest of your life with. eliminates the nitty gritty and gives you the opportunity to meet the partner of your dreams. After deciding to get married you can spend your time wisely by inputting care and effort into an already existing marriage. By knowing that your time is invested in something real you don’t have to guess whether your pre-marriage romantic relationship is following the right stages or not.

A Marriage the only relationship is the only relationship worth investing time and emotions in. Sign up for now, to meet your Marriage Match.

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