Common Dating Mistakes that Scare Men Away

Common Dating Mistakes that Scare Men Away

The first step toward avoiding common dating mistakes would be to spend some time building up your self-esteem


We all have our vices as people and that is okay. While certain insecurities or flaws may emerge from time to time throughout our lives. We should always try to present the best side of ourselves at any given moment.

If your insecurities spiral out of control, you could end up being known as a crazy bitch – and nobody wants that.

A person with a high sense of self-worth is naturally more attractive than someone who is constantly questioning their validity.

That being said, let’s delve into some of the top behaviors that can screw up a relationship faster than you can say “I do”.


Jealousy and Possessiveness

Okay, as women we are all naturally jealous of other women because let’s face it that we are the fairer sex.

But there’s a time for jealousy and a time to give your man the freedom he deserves. It’s all about the context. Jealousy is the most common dating mistakes we the women do.

If your guy wants to hang out with his gorgeous childhood friend, let him. And try not to overanalyze the situation.

You should never interrogate him or be overly critical of other women either. You have to trust him at some point because trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Showing a lack of trust is another dating mistake we try to stay away from.

If you feel that you can’t trust him, then either you are not ready for a relationship or he is untrustworthy. Either way, you need to end it because if you don’t, you will end up making a fool of yourself and feeling even worse.


Obsession and Mild Stalking

Stalking is a kind of dangerous common dating mistakes that could eventually end up on your nerves.

Don’t stalk him. Not online and especially not in real life. Nothing says “I’m a psycho” quite like letting slip that you know things about him that he has not revealed to you himself.

Instead of spending hours and hours monitoring his feed, rather use the time to spice up your own life.

There are so many ways to have fun in this world and when he realizes that you don’t need him to enjoy yourself. He will then want to spend time with you even more because he will come to associate you with having a good time.



No one wants to date a child, and if you are constantly crying or demanding cuddles, this is what it will feel like to your guy.

Instead of running to him about every small problem you may encounter. Take care of your own emotions and show him that you are a strong and independent woman.

Likewise, if you insist on spending too much time with your man and text him every five seconds, he might get bored or annoyed with you.

Rather give him too little than too much – it’s good for him to miss you sometimes as absence makes the heart grow fonder.

However, if you don’t want the headache to play smart all the time, just log onto and find a like-minded guy who will accept you the way you are.

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