Girlfriends Ranking From The Worst to The Best

Girlfriends Ranking From The Worst to The Best

There are many different factors that go into making a girlfriend great or terrible, which all we need taking into account


Girlfriends ranking from worst to best is something which we have all done, giving reasons for and against each one. When you’re sitting around with your buddies, thinking back over the girls you have loved and lost, you can get drawn into talking about which ones were great and which were not so good


So here, I am going to give you some categories for what makes a girlfriend good and what makes her bad. Enjoy!


This is something that you really need to get from your girlfriend, otherwise, things aren’t going to last for too long. This doesn’t just mean not cheating on you, it also means having your back at all times, whenever someone is against you.

If your girlfriend is loyal and you know that she is always going to defend your honor, then she will rank well as a girlfriend. However, if she agrees with someone who is going against you, then that isn’t going to go well for her girlfriend ranking.


Good Cook

This might sound like a very old fashioned thing to say, but it is still very true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With that in mind, being able to cook a delicious meal for your man is definitely going to give you some extra brownie points.

So if your girlfriend knows just how to handle the kitchen and is a good cook, then she will definitely get a great girlfriend ranking. Unfortunately though, if her cooking skills leave a lot to be desired, then she won’t rank so well at all.

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Good Lover

While a lot of you will instantly run to this being about sex, it is actually so much more than that. Yes, good sex will definitely help to boost girlfriends’ ranking, but there is more to being a good lover than just sex.

A good lover knows how to do the right things at the right times to make you feel good.


A hug.

A kiss.

A simple “I love you”.


These all go towards making her a good lover. So if your girlfriend knows you well enough to do these things at the right time, then she gets extra ranking points. If your girlfriend has no idea about these things or never does them, then she is dropping down the ranking list.

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Don’t Compare

At the end of the day, while it is a little bit of fun to talk about the pros and the cons of girlfriends past and present, you should really try to avoid comparing them. Remember that it is just a bit of fun between you and your friends and not something to take too seriously.

The problem is, if you start to look back at old girlfriends and they come back as ranking better than your current girlfriend, then it’s going to make things strained in your current relationship. So focus on the positives and look forward to a long and happy future with your girlfriend.

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