Compartmentalization: What It Means to You


When a woman starts complaining that her man is distant, is not emotionally open or moving towards committing. It is mainly because he is compartmentalizing his relationship and feelings. There is a box inside his mind where he puts everything related to her, including his feeling. When he feels that he wants to enjoy being with her, he opens the box but closes it whenever he wants to. All his emotions about his partner also get packed away like that. In the early stages of a relationship, he could use this method to prevent himself from being overwhelmed by the new feelings; however, if a bond involving emotions forms, then it would not be possible to shut her out of his life.

If you have been experiencing this compartmentalization by your man, then there are some of the tips to deal with compartmentalization:


  1. Working towards His Need of Compartmentalization

When you understand his need for stretching some boundaries to overcome and deal with emotional outbreaks, then you would be eager to deal with his need for compartmentalization. He might not be ready to open up to you at the beginning of the relationship; therefore, you might want to disappear in the later dates.

When he might be waiting to hear back from you and see you on the next dates, you will be preventing yourself from getting hurt and affected by his ignorance. Moreover, when he starts avoiding you, then you might consider leaving this relationship because things might never change. Instead, you should spend a lot of time looking and finding the perfect partner of your life. You can sign up with for getting facilitated with the perfect matchmaking services.


  1. You Will Disappear

He will be considering that you will be waiting to see and love him again. However, you will be gone by the time he returns from his state of compartmentalization. You might never succeed in proving that you always deserved better than he did.

However, identifying the signs, interests, and investment will save you from getting your feelings hurt and humiliated. You should never get yourself caught in deeper feelings of intimacy and love in the earlier stages of a relationship; however, stay focused to learn, which compartment he has placed you in.


  1. Go with the Flow

It is necessary to not to try to swim against the fl0ow of the water. You need to accept the realities. His compartmentalize approach can open a lot of questions for you. Keep your options open and never try to compromise your self-respect for a person who does not deserve you and your time. Invest efforts only in the right direction and on the right person to make your life worth living for.

Women often identify their feelings of love as an emotional bond with their partner. When you allow him to set the pace and get closer to you, then proceeding slowly towards him will maintain a healthy relationship. Moreover, you can always contact for their assistance.

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