turn off a woman during a date

The Biggest Dating Turn-Offs for Women – AVOID THESE


You wake up one day with a resolution: you’re going to find a woman and start a serious relationship. You sit down at a computer and get an account on GoMarry.com. Looking at profiles, you realize quite a few people would be interesting to meet, so you might leave a message or two. Eventually, someone accepts. Now the question is: how do you turn this interaction into a success? How do you avoid doing something that could turn off a woman during a date?

Not paying any attention to your looks

No, you don’t have to spend two hours in front of a mirror before meeting a beautiful lady. Narcissism is a no-no as well. Just make sure you’re not too sloppy. Clothes should look lean on your body, not sticking out in all places. Choose your outfit with care. Make sure you’ve put on deodorant and maybe a bit of perfume too. Again, don’t overdo it! Your hair should look clean, and so should your nails. A man must always take good care of his hands. And he ought never to forget his table manners.

Being arrogant and self-centered

Don’t start showing off a list of all your achievements and properties. Sure, women are impressed by smart, successful men, but rubbing your money and titles into her face is certain to turn off a woman during a date. Especially when you’ve just met. How you treat others could also be included here. If you’re rude to the waiter during dinner, don’t expect her not to think she might be dealt with the same way in the future. You might feel cleverer than anyone else in the room, but keep it for yourself. Making a conversation all about you will not help your case either. Ask your lady about her work, her family, what she likes and so on. You should both be curious about each other. If that’s not the case, I’m sorry to say, but it probably won’t last.

Not being mentally present

This goes both ways, as men find it discouraging too. I’m talking about constantly being on your phone. Don’t keep texting or reading the news while absentmindedly shoving food into your mouth. Take a call if it’s really urgent, but that’s it. Otherwise, she will start feeling unwanted and that’s a big reason to turn off a woman during a date.

Total lack of self-confidence

Unfortunately, for shy guys, it sometimes feels impossible to show any confidence. Some women are completely understanding and will display all the patients they’re capable of. Others might get bored in an instant. Keep your biggest qualities in mind at all times, it’s going to help a lot. If you know lots of jokes, don’t be afraid of being funny, women like that. Don’t ask her constantly whether she’s having fun or getting bored. Try to read body language a bit. If she looks like she’ll fall asleep on the chair, you might have managed to tire her with irrelevant facts.

Insisting on the ex-talk

Probably, this is the most fool-proof way to turn off a woman during a date. Everyone has exes, get over it. She doesn’t need to hear the entirety of how you got your heart broken when you’ve barely met. Don’t ask nagging questions about douchebags in her past either. Both of you have decided to meet each other for a reason: you want to give a real chance of starting a long-term relationship with someone. You’re ready to take things seriously. Regretting how that didn’t work with others in the past will get you nowhere. Focus on your current partner and build real happiness together.

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