How to Confront Your Boyfriend About Being Distant


It is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Your boyfriend has suddenly gone quiet and become distant. You become panicked because you don’t know what is going on. You start to question your own sanity. So many questions run through your mind. What is wrong? How can I rectify the situation? Is there someone else? These are just some of the things you might be thinking. You may just push the thought from your mind and decide you are overthinking it.

If you want to overcome these questions, then you need to find someone who is there for any question you ask. Or he’s there to talk to you about the matters which can cause a breakup. GoMarry.com is the ultimate space for such people who are looking for a loyal and trustworthy boyfriend. You need to get up your courage and confront your boyfriend. This is the only way to really know what is going on with your boyfriend.

Reasons Your Boyfriend is Distant

The reason your boyfriend is distant might have nothing to do with you. He could be stressed about something entirely different, such as work. Men tend to internalize their feelings and withdraw. On the other hand, your own insecurities may be causing the stress or he feels like you don’t trust him. You may be very controlling or checking up on him all the time. These are things that you will have to fix. Sometimes there is doubt about the relationship. He might be trying to figure out if this relationship is really worth it.

A relationship that is moving too fast can also make it more difficult. Your boyfriend might want to take it slower and don’t know how to tell you about how he feels. Being distant is simply his way of figuring out how to move forward.


Confronting Your Boyfriend

You need to be prepared for answers that you may not like. Put your own emotions and thoughts to the side and truly listen to what your boyfriend is saying. If your boyfriend asks for space or doesn’t want to talk about it immediately, then you need to respect his decisions and take a step back. Your boyfriend knows who you care and that you are worried. He will talk to you about it eventually. Do not take his silence personally; rather be there for him and tell him you still care. Constant nagging will not give you any results.

Do some inner reflection. Think about yourself and what you are like in the relationship. Identify things that may be irritating or bothering your partner. Work on these things and make positive changes that your boyfriend will see. He will appreciate your efforts and become less distant. You need to stay positive. Do not talk to your boyfriend in accusatory tones or with your own ideas in mind. Do not overthink it. Stay calm and be happy when you are together. Show your boyfriend that you love him.

You need to accept what your boyfriend has to say. You may not like what he says and it may bring home some truths that you have been denying. There could also be revelations you are not ready for or your boyfriend may even break it off. A distant boyfriend is not always something to worry about immediately. Talk to your boyfriend about the situation and find out what you can do to make things right. Give him space and support him in everything he does.

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