Shady Boyfriend Behavior – What to Do?

One of the hardest things we can face in our lives is going through a breakup. Can we just be honest for a moment and conclude that breakups suck.


Most of us are lucky enough to find that special person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, even early in our dating lives. Yea, it is also true that some of us go through some bad relationships before we meet the right person.


It is no secret that men struggle with commitment issues and that makes it that much harder to find a committed relationship. Still, we find that men who are in a committed relationship sometimes still struggle with committing to one woman and this can lead to them behaving in what is called a “shady manner”.


Shady boyfriend behaviour is a real thing and it is the result of men not being able to commit to a single woman. They are afraid of commitment and this leads them to fool around in the relationship and avoid commitment.


Here are two things to look out for to ensure this behaviour does not go unnoticed. Remember if you notice it you can address it.


The most important element of a relationship is building towards a common goal. This can only happen if both parties are 100% committed to the relationship and building a relationship means spending time and life together.

The biggest sign that your boyfriend is not fully committed to your relationship, is if he willingly opts to spend time with other girls rather than with you.

If you start to feel like you are not the most important girl in his life, he might probably be using other girls to boost his ego through harmless flirting. You know better than that, it is not harmless it is shady behaviour.

A loving man must take an interest in what you are doing with your life and ask you to share what all you go through.

It is important to know that there is a fine line between a caring man and a man who wants to manipulate or control your schedule. This proves that he is overly possessive. If he’s forcing you for every detail of your lunch with even your female friends, it is defiantly a sign of him being shady.

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