Connecting with Someone & Loving Someone: Difference

Difference Between Connecting with Someone & Loving Someone

The word love gets thrown around all too easy these days and people are so quick to say “I love you” when they are in a new relationship. They forget to know the difference between connecting with someone and loving someone.


What makes couples utter three magic words

The haste to emotionally captivate the partner without actually giving the romance time to grow makes people utter three magic words. They don’t even wait for the connection to blossom into that special something, where they truly love one another.

It is one of the reasons why so many relationships don’t last anymore. People rush things along too fast and think they have fallen in love before they have really developed that strong bond and connection with their new partner.


So what is it to actually have a connection with someone, over simply being in love with someone?


People come across each other, find some connection and mistake the care for love and start feeling like they have found the love.

Connecting with someone is not always meant to love someone. Well, as is the case with anything in life, different people tell different things. They give you different reasons and sharing different experiences.

At the end of the day, it really is down to you to know when you have that connection with someone, over loving someone.

When you don’t know the difference between loving someone and connecting with someone.   You can think you are in love with someone for years. You tend to keep glued to your that very thought without even actually experiencing that connection with them.


Having a connection with someone does not mean you are in love with someone

For some, having a connection with someone is having a feeling, a moment, a situation where you are looking at one another to share the love.

Being with them is the only thing that really matters in your life and it is more important than anything else. But you need to understand the difference between being connected and being in love with someone. You can just be together, in the presence of one another and not have to say a word to each other. It may not be the only sign of mutual love,  because everything about your connection can be so perfect that you don’t even have to ask for anything.


Strong connection triggers true love

A strong connection between two willing partners just makes everything click into place, and you know that they are your forever love.

You know that the two of you have that connection and that things can be done without having to say anything. Your love is strong and it is always important to have love in a relationship. A strong connection is key to long-lasting love. If you are connected with someone, it is more likely that you start loving that someone.


Not all of us have ever had the honor of getting to experience that connection with a lover but we all deserve to have that moment in our life.

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