Expectations in a New Relationship

Expectations in a Relationship: Guide on How To Manage


Starting a new relationship is a wonderful experience. Many of us have the tendency to place high expectations in a new relationship which shows promising potential. However, these expectations can have a harmful impact. And possibly ruin your relationship before it had a chance to grow. On GoMarry.com, you can start a new relationship where there’s no need to place confusing, high expectations on your new relationship. You and your new partner will know exactly where you stand and approach your relationship rationally and objectively.


Don’t Idealize Your Partner

Having a mental picture of your partner being perfect is a one-way street to relationship doom. It’s also one of the primary traits of having high expectations in a new relationship. Start from the fact that your new partner is not perfect, just like you. However infatuated you may be, idealizing your partner can only go downhill. After you continue dating, their flaws will just pop up one at a time. So, it’s best to keep your idea of your partner realistic. And don’t expect them to fulfill your fantasy of Mr/Mrs. Perfect.


Don’t Idealize the Relationship

When you not only idealize your new partner but your relationship as well. These high expectations will bring you a lot of disappointment. Every relationship has issues and quirks and, as unbelievable as it may seem right now, your relationship is not perfect either. Be prepared for the fact that certain problems will most definitely come up, and get ready to tackle them as they do.


Take it Slow

When things go too fast and you expect your partner to seriously commit after only a few weeks of dating, you might scare them off and ruin a potentially awesome relationship. When you take things slow, you give the relationship a chance to truly blossom. You also give each other time to get to know one another and manage your expectations accordingly.


Don’t Expect 24/7 Hangouts

When you’re in a new, infatuated relationship, you might have the urge to spend every waking second with your new partner. However, this is a sure-fire way to get lost in the wrong direction and set high expectations. Having clear and healthy boundaries is the number 1 requirement for a mature and stable relationship. Make peace with the fact that your partner won’t be around you 24/7 and let them spend time with their friends and family.


Don’t Expect the Relationship Will Solve All Your Problems

Many people get into relationships for all the wrong reasons. If you’re feeling unhappy, lonely or confused, you might expect that a relationship will magically solve all these issues. The problem is: it initially does. When you first start a new relationship, you’re flooded with a rush of feel-good hormones, so it actually feels like everything is going well for you right now. But, when hormones and infatuation settle down, all there’s left is your relationship. When your negative feelings and problems crop up again, you might blame your relationship for not being strong enough to solve them. But this never had anything to do with the relationship itself!



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