Coping with Rejection in Love

In one of our previous articles, we’ve talked about the complexity of handling constant rejection in dating. That’s definitely hard, but what’s harder is getting rejected by someone you’re in love with.

The person already knows you, knows what you like and dislike, the way you talk and think, and they still don’t want to be with you. In this case, it’s impossible not to take it personally.

If you’re currently suffering from being rejected from a person you’re in love with, read this advice on how to cope:

  1. Time Heals All Wounds

We know it’s a cliche, but it’s true. What may seem like an apocalyptic event now will be something you’ll barely remember in 10 years. However impossible it may sound, the feeling will get better in time. You’ll be able to bounce back and quickly regain your self-confidence. When you do that, you’ll finally have the opportunity to meet someone who’ll love you.

  1. Work on Yourself

Here’s another cliche, but it’s even more applicable to the situation. When someone rejects you, you’ll most likely feel like it’s an ego-knockout. If that’s the case, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t work on yourself now that you have the motivation.

Getting rejected is an amazing motivator to achieve the best possible version of yourself. Just think of Khloe Kardashian’s reality show Revenge Body, where women lose tens of pounds and get fit just to spite their exes. It seems funny and petty, but it’s actually a normal human reaction.

If you were waiting for the right time to quit smoking, drinking, start exercising, reading, eating healthy… Now’s the time! Whenever you feel like you’re losing your motivation, think of yourself getting rejected in love and you’ll get hyped up again.

  1. Accept the Feeling and Go Through the Grief

Research has shown that getting rejected and going through a break up can trigger the same emotions of grief as the death of a loved one. The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Before you accept you got rejected, you’ll probably experience each of these 4 feelings. To be able to go on and grow from this painful experience, you need to acknowledge that it hurt you and that it will take time to heal. Don’t be afraid to stay home for a couple of days when you feel down in the beginning or cry as much as you’d feel like.

  1. Take a Break From Dating

Rebound relationships are a way to cope with break-ups and rejection, but they’re not a productive way to handle the blow to your self-esteem. Don’t use another human being to make yourself feel better. Instead, in order to actually learn from the experience and fully recover from it, take some time for yourself and minimize stress. This is easiest if you refrain from the dating scene for a while.


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