Pace of Relationship – Deal with It


Are you wondering whether the pace of your relationship is either too slow or too fast? I’m sure you’re not the only wondering about whether or not your relationship’s pace is healthy and beneficial for both of you.


Here are a few signs that your relationship is moving at an unhealthy pace

  1. You don’t discuss the future

A serious sign that your relationship isn’t moving forward and it’s going too slow is when you and your partner don’t discuss the future. You need to know where you are going, if you’re just taking it day by day and not making any plans towards a wedding, a family meeting or any other big decision like moving in together, then you seriously need to re-evaluate the position of the relationship.


  1. Conversations are superficial

If you’ve been dating for quite some time, let’s say 6 months, and you haven’t discussed anything too personal and deep. You are moving at a too slow pace. The longer we spend time with someone the more comfortable we feel with them. This will in return have the effect of us opening up and sharing deep thoughts and feelings.


  1. The relationship is too time-consuming

From the start, you felt like the relationship hasn’t given you any breathing space. You are completely consumed within the relationship, not having time to do your own thing like taking a proper shower or having a long phone conversation with your best friend. Your relationship is moving too fast! Slow down, you don’t have to spend every waking moment together.


  1. Not giving advice

If your partner isn’t investing in you, like they come to you for advice or they guide you into being a better person, then the relationship is moving too slow. It shows that one of you isn’t in it for the long run. If you want a future with someone you want them to grow as well. So, guiding them and supporting their interests and professions are part of being in a well-balanced relationship.


It’s most important that you move at a constant pace forward, and by moving forward you will reach the end goal of a relationship which is ultimate to get married and to live happily and freely together.


At, they believe that relationships should start with marriage and move at a healthy pace forward. I completely agree with this approach, as knowing that you will definitely get hitched shows that the commitment is already there to work on opening up, sharing, giving each other space and being supportive in your spouse’s dreams.


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