Dangers of Moving too Fast in a Relationship


We have all experienced that undeniable draw to a person when you first meet. You want to spend all your time together; you spend all night texting into the early hours, and they are pretty much a constant distraction. It feels amazing, you have butterflies 100% of the time. But there is the fear that you will end up moving too fast and we are going to explore that danger in this article.

The L-Bomb

You are at the beginning of this new relationship and it feels like a whirlwind of emotion. The first danger is that one of you will drop the L-bomb too soon. Lust and infatuation can often be mistaken for love. So be careful, don’t say it off the cuff. Make sure you have considered your feelings for a while before you decide to share them. We don’t want to end up saying I love you after mere weeks. It is completely okay to fall head over heels for someone, but we also must make sure we know the impact of sharing our new found feelings. Make sure your decision to share your love is a rational one that isn’t purely driven by infatuation.

Making Things Intimate

So, you are spending a lot of time together. You might even be thinking about having sex with each other. Lust can be a huge driving force for us at the beginning of a new thing; you cannot keep your hands and mouths away from each other. But try and spend some time getting to know each other than sucking face. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you share something precious with your new significant other and then realize that you have nothing in common. The bedroom is a sacred space and once explored, it cannot be taken back. Make sure you are exploring it with someone you trust and know well. Check out Should we go back to the days of Courting? for more information on how to act at the beginning of a relationship.

Don’t Forget Space

So, you are an adult, you are also finding yourself falling for this person, you have shared an intimate moment or two and now you are considering your next steps. Some people who meet and spend all their time together can’t imagine what being apart would feel like. We suggest you try it. Space is crucial, especially near the beginning. This is where you will be setting boundaries and letting them know that they are not the only important thing in your life.

Moving In Together

Do not move in together too soon. Once you have lived together, there isn’t really any going back. You will learn every bad habit they have, and they will learn every bad habit you have. You will no longer find romance around every corner; you will have to work at it. They will learn your toilet habits too. Don’t rush things, leave some mystery in this new thing for as long as you can.

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