Dating a Short Girl : Tips

Dating a Short Girl : GOLDEN TIPS

Different guys are attracted to different types of women, both in terms of personality and also in terms of appearance. Some guys go for a woman who is a little taller than average. While others like to go for a girl who is not so tall, in fact, she is actually a short girl.

There are many different dating tips that you can get about a relationship in general. But if you are one of those guys who love a short girl,  here are a few tips you need to follow to make the relationship work.


Don’t make fun of a short girl

You need to make sure that you are not going to make any jokes about her short height. No matter what comfort level you two have, don’t try to ridicule a short girl.

Even when you are simply teasing her and intend it to be playful and fun, commenting on her short height will do harm to the relationship. A short girl might have listened to all those jokes, but your words will kill her emotions.


Never to underestimate short girls

Meanwhile, it is important that you never underestimate a girl you are dating.  Despite her short height, she is more than capable of proving you wrong in daily affairs of life. The short girl is always as ambitious as any other girl can be. In fact, a short girl goes the extra mile to accomplish her goals. Psychologically short girls tend to polish their skills to outdo their shortcomings.


You still have to win her

You need to know and understand that a short girl is going to be feisty. Don’t fall under the impression that, just because she is short she is going to be a walkover.

Ladies who are not that very tall are very driven. They are strong, independent women who know what they want from their relationship.

At the end of the day, she is still a woman and, if you want to have a long, happy and successful relationship with her, you need to treat her how every woman deserves to be treated.

Show her the respect she deserves and makes sure that you always treat her right. Making a  short girl feel loved will make her love your company.

At the end of the, it is the love and companionship you are after, so whether you are dating a woman with less height or not, be sincere and let the love do the rest.

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