Dating a Writer

Dating a Writer: What are the Pros & Cons


Depending on your interests and preferences, dating a writer can be one of the most exciting romance stories of your lifetime! On the other hand, for some people, it can be a real nightmare. If you’re thinking about dating a writer or you’ve recently started dating one, check out the pros and cons you can expect:

  1. Writers are imaginative

All writers inherently have great creativity and imagination. However, this innovativeness and originality go way further than their writing: you can see how creative they are in all areas of life. When you’re dating a writer, you can expect romantic, unique dates, thoughtful presents and a totally unpredictable person!

  1. They are good with words

Words are the writer’s tool and most writers have the capacity to handle writing and conversation beautifully. They often have a much wider vocabulary than average and they’re well-versed in literature and culture. Also, we all know how important words and conversations are for flirting. If you happen to get into a flirty conversation with a writer, you will surely fall under their spell!

  1. They’re in touch with their emotional side

Writing requires using much deeper emotions and connecting to intuition and intellect much more than we do in everyday life. Writers also must possess a great deal of empathy in order to successfully portray different types of characters. Therefore, writers are some of the most emotional beings you will ever come across.

  1. They have their head in the clouds

As we’ve mentioned in one of the pro sides, writers are very creative and innovative. However, this is not always such a great thing. Due to their close connection to the imagination, they can often drift away and lose touch with reality and real life. This can mean that they might sometimes ignore you because they’re too lost in their imaginary worlds.

  1. They might prioritize their writing

Writing is a calling: when someone decides to be a writer, they usually put their best efforts into it and prioritize it as one of the most important activities of their life. This is good news for the literary scene, but it might not work so wonderfully in your relationship. Dating a passionate writer is just like dating anyone with a strong calling: sometimes, you might realize that you’re still in second place, no matter how much they love you.

  1. You and your relationship might become writing material

Writers take stories and scenes from their environment and turn them into literary material. If you’re in a relationship with a writer, it’s likely that they will use the emotions and episodes they experience with you and turn it into a poem, novel or essay. This might be hard to handle for some people who don’t like their relationship being “out in the open”.

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